Challenge Accepted: We run and help

In 2019, the SKIDATA team will be competing once again in a running challenge for a good cause. This time our opponent is Digital Elektronik, but collectively we run for the Austrian children's heart health charity, "Herzkinder Österreich".

SKIDATA is a very sporty company, and we love a challenge. And while we're at it, we enjoy being able to support people in our society who need assistance. Last year we had the great pleasure to participate in a running duel for a fantastic cause against our long-standing business partner Commend International. This year, other companies have joined our charitable running movement: We are now inviting Digital Elektronik to compete "racing each other to give back to others." Commend in turn invites COPA-DATA to a duel. Also new is the team of "forschen(den) Wadeln" of the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft, which challenged the sports canons of the Austrian domain registry The start of the new running challenge is June 10th.

Then the grand finale will take place on September 12th as part of the Salzburg Business Run. The Salzburg Business Run, with its team of highly experienced sports scientists, is the patron of this competition and provides advice and support to all runners should they have any questions about running techniques or training programmes.

We run for the Austrian children's heart health charity, "Herzkinder Österreich"

The idea: over the course of three months, Digital Elektronik and SKIDATA use an app to record all the kilometers run by the participants. Then, every distance is rewarded by the respective companies with a donation of 19 cents per kilometer. One hundred percent of the collected amount goes to Herzkinder Österreich. Herzkinder provides parents with support, advice, and assistance, facilitating the exchange of experiences with other affected parents who feel desperate and helpless after the terrifying diagnosis, "Your child has heart disease."

Wolfgang Zimmel, IT specialist at Commend International, gave the idea for the charitable running competition. His great passion is running for a good cause. For the spreading of this idea he brought also the Internet side into being.

The Grand Finale at the Salzburger Business Run

Participation is open to all employees of Digital Elektronik and SKIDATA in Austria. Regardless of whether you're new to running or a passionate marathon runner, a Nordic walker, mountain runner or hiker, we happily welcome any employee who is willing and able to walk a few kilometers for a good cause! When, where and how long you run is up to you; whether at a group lunch run or in your spare time. As an added bonus, the running duel is the perfect preparation to get us into shape for the Salzburg Business Run.

The three running duels are evaluated on two criteria, respectively, which company runs the furthest in total, and which company achieves the better mileage per employee. Last year the result was divided, team SKIDATA covered the greater total distance with 8,000 kilometers, while Team Commend won the second criteria with 179 kilometers per person. Runners of both teams covered a total of 14,450 kilometers in the three months. We are looking forward to the next leg of the race!