SKIDATA Health Benefits

SKIDATA offers employees a range of opportunities for staying fit “The health of our employees is important to us, both physically and mentally,” says Martina, the coordinator behind the holistic approach of "SKIDATA Health Benefits".

The wellness concept from SKIDATA is built from four pillars; physical health, mental health, sport, and nutrition. “Because work should be fun,” Martina underscores the core of the idea, adding, “On the one hand, work must be engaging, but it must also mesh with family and the things that are important to you beyond work.” In cooperation with the company doctor, Dr. Thomas Danninger, we are constantly furthering SKIDATA Health Benefits and adapting to new developments. 

On-Site Health Services

The company doctor, Dr. Thomas Danninger, is available for walk-ins once a week for any Grödig employee to have their health concerns addressed in-person. Additionally, SKIDATA also offers a wide range of preventative medical services, that can be accessed without wait times or long treks to the doctor. We have various on-demand vaccinations as well as eye examinations. Every two weeks, a physiotherapist visits the company to offer massages.

That’s not all, “We actively support a number of other offerings,” says Martina. SKIDATA is also concerned for its employee mental health. “We have a contract with counseling and coaching agencies and with a psychotherapist, and every employee can contact if necessary. SKIDATA assumes the costs and guarantees anonymity for the employee. Which also applies if an employee is in a crisis or conflict situation, regardless of whether their problems are work-based or from their life beyond the office about a family or personal issue. Further, this service extends to any family members.

Wide Range of Sports

In addition to the above benefits, provided by SKIDATA, we also support employee sports. “We have a lot of sporty employees,” reports Martina. “Many of whom arrange to run together.” And, since there are comfortable showers available at the office, it’s possible to take a run over lunch and return to work after fresh and refreshed. The office showers are also appreciated by the employees who commute by bicycle. We have plenty of space available for bicycles including special parking for, particularly high-end bicycles. Also, there are electric filling stations for e-bikes.

“We support employees engaging in sporting activities together via our intranet platform for like-minded people to connect to do their chosen sporting activity together,” says Martina. Running together, mountain-hiking, playing football or ice hockey, with our intranet, everyone will find the right team. SKIDATA supports most types of sport, for example, we have a thriving community of go-cart enthusiasts, and bubble soccer is another of the many sports which SKIDATA teams compete. Also, any SKIDATA employee wanting to stay fit benefits from the lovely training environment provided by our cooperation with the Vita Club gym.

A Healthy Environment

A cornucopia of healthy dining options are available in SKIDATA’s new cafeteria, and these menus are supported by relevant presentations. Since the redesign, employees also enjoy an ergonomic workplace subtlety improving wellness. The sum of all these factors delivers a holistic approach to creating a pleasurable work experience.