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Ticket & Comfort Solution

Less effort and more customer comfort

  • Reduced administrative effort and ticket costs
  • Self-service online parking authorization management done by the customers themselves
  • Convenient and fast access via RFID cards or transponders
  • Ideal for business parks or P&R with frequent parking customers

Do you have many repeat parkers in your parking garage, for example, in a business park or Park & Ride? Use this to reduce your administrative effort and your ticket costs.

How it works

With ‘sweb.Contract’ businesses and individuals can rent and manage parking spaces over the Internet. The reusable and printable RFID card can be used as a contract parking card or prepaid card which your loyal customers can purchase at reduced rates. Your frequent parkers hold these against the column, and the gate opens automatically. Even greater comfort is provided with the Keytag.Gate long-range reader. Contactless and ‘hands-free’, the reader provides quick access without waiting and without lengthy handling of tickets through the car window. With the keytag transponder easily mounted onto the windshield of the car, the gate opens automatically.

High usability for you and your customers

All customers can also use an existing credit card or prepaid card for entering and exiting. Additionally, you can integrate customer or employee cards into your system or an LPR system to enable entry and exit via the license plate. Visitors can get a ticket at the entry column, as usual. Parking and other services can be paid for at Easy.Cash automated payment machines. The compact Lite.Gate provides the ideal support for this application: high comfort for your parking customers, a cost-saving solution for you.