guidance and signage

    Guide your visitor through their whole parking experience


    • Easily direct your visitors through the traffic to one of your parking facilities that best suits their needs
    • Provide your visitors with dynamic and interactive information directly at the entrance lane
    • Indicate available parking slots to your visitors and monetize the display space with paid advertising from cooperating companies
    • Help your visitors to find their car again after their return to the car park

    Optimize your visitors’ parking experience from starting to check-out


    Offer a warm welcome directly at the entrance lane

    • Integrate your car park into apps to improve your car park’s visibility
    • Save your visitors the need to hunt for a parking slot by navigating them to YOUR car park
    • Welcome your visitors at the entrance with parking guidance information about the best parking slots, about their reserved slot, easy mobile payment options or available EV-charging stations

    Serve your visitors with additional information and optimize your facility’s occupancy levels

    • Show advertising from cooperating companies
    • Flexibly display open or closed car park areas depending on (expected) occupancy
    • Guide visitors to parking slots for special events, show EV-drivers available charging stations and help your customers find available or reserved parking slots more quickly

    Help your visitors to find their car again quickly

    • Optimize the parking experience of your visitors
    • Your visitors will appreciate this valuable service, especially in busy large-sized car parks or when returning from a long trip
    • Visitors proceed to the payment machine, type in their license plate number at the display and see the relevant car park sector

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    What our clients say

    Ignacio Valenzuela

    The conjunction with the parking has made that the binomial of SKIDATA - Sierra Nevada has produced a very clear satisfaction to our costumer and for us, as a company, an ease of management that we are very happy with.

    Ian Hunter

    I think from our point of view I am very much looking forward to the partnership with SKIDATA both in Ireland and in Europe and how we develop the systems together to understanding and collaboration to basically continue to make the system future proof.

    Ben Ziff

    It's probably like buying a Rolls Royce, if I was comparing it with a car. It is definitely one of the best manufacturers out there in the market. And I believe, this is probably because they listen to their clients.

    M.M. Martin van Duijn

    With SKIDATA we checked out to have a nice management and a very high standard of service level. We are very proud that we did it with our partner SKIDATA.

    Alejandro von Teuber

    Their solutions provide so much functionality such as letting us trace all of our operations, improving the safety of our operations and providing a pleasant customer experience for our visitors.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    route-open route-open
    Support visitors throughout their journey to and in your car park
    find available parking slots find available parking slots
    Optimize occupancy of your car parks and help your customers finding available slots more quickly
    car-finder car-finder
    Help customers find their car again quickly to round off a perfect parking experience 

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