The Revolutionary sMove Gate - A New Era of Welcoming People 

A Smooth Move: Boost Your Customer Base with SKIDATA's sMove

A New Era of Welcoming People  

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Imagine an entry solution that doesn’t just open but welcomes you into a new experience every time you pass through. SKIDATA’s sMove isn’t just a piece of technology; it's a revolution in how you can welcome the world. Whether it's the crisp air of ski slopes, the electric excitement of stadium events, or the joyful discoveries at attraction parks, the sMove ensures that your entry is as smooth as your adventures are thrilling.  



Feel the Difference with sMove

The sMove access solution embodies SKIDATA’s vision to change the world of welcoming people.

Designed to 'disappear,' this gate creates an unobstructed path for skiers, mountain bikers, families, and individuals with disabilities to enter with ease and dignity.

Its innovative design is functional and visually appealing, featuring soft components that contrast sharply with the harsh metal of traditional systems, emphasizing safety and comfort. 

These improvements not only enhance the user experience significantly but also increase your customer base, as venues become more accessible and inviting for a broader audience.


A Gateway to Joy for Everyone  


  • For the Mountain Adventurers:
    Navigating entry points with skis or a snowboard can be cumbersome. Skiers must handle poles and balance in boots, while snowboarders struggle with carrying their boards and preventing bindings from catching. Mountain bikers, especially those with heavy downhill bikes, face similar challenges as these bulky bikes are difficult to maneuver through traditional entry systems. sMove changes all that. Its design, optimized for smooth and fast access, eliminates these hassles. Glide through effortlessly, quickly getting to the lift and onto the mountain. Enjoy your ride without any delays or struggles at the gate.  


  • For the Sports Enthusiasts:
    Ever missed the game’s opening play because you were stuck at a slow-moving entry point? Traditional gates can’t keep up with the pulse of a packed stadium. sMove changes the game. Experience rapid entry like never before; its broad design welcomes you swiftly, ensuring you’re in your seat with time to spare, immersed in the pre-game excitement without a hitch. This gate is designed to be a champion of accessibility, providing ample space and ease of entry for fans in wheelchairs or those who require additional assistance. Its wide opening also facilitates quick, safe evacuations during emergencies, adding a layer of security for all attendees.  


  • For Families at Attraction Parks:
    Navigating a park entrance with a stroller and excited kids should be a part of the fun, not a battle. Traditional park gates can make this a daunting task, turning what should be a day of joy into a struggle from the start. sMove welcomes you with open arms—wide enough for strollers, energetic toddlers, and all your family’s needs. Enter with ease, start your adventure on a joyful note, and let the fun begin the moment you reach the gate. 



Seamlessly Blending Technology and Emotion  


The sMove access solution combines cutting-edge ticket technology with effortless operational flexibility, supporting a range of access options from RFID and NFC to Bluetooth from smartphones. Choose sustainable with PVC-free tickets or offer a touch of luxury with elegant wooden keycards—each designed to enhance guest comfort and convenience.  

sMove is constructed from durable materials that ensure reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. The folding mechanism of the SKIDATA sMove offers several superior features. These include better space efficiency, enhanced safety, wider accessibility, a more modern aesthetic, improved user experience, and greater flexibility. Furthermore, sMove features automated people detection and radar sensors, boosting safety and efficiency by adapting to entry demands. Its energy-efficient operation highlights its sustainability, making it a perfect choice for eco-conscious venues. 


This combination of high-tech and modern design elevates SKIDATA's sMove beyond traditional access solutions, enhancing the functionality and appeal of any venue that adopts it.  


  •  For Mountain Destination Operators:
    Transitioning the sMove gate for seasonal activities is straightforward and efficient. Remarkably, within just 20 minutes, this versatile gate can be adapted for winter and summer use, making it perfect for transporting mountain bikers, families with strollers, or visitors in wheelchairs to the peaks. This quick adaptability ensures your resort can operate continuously throughout the year, maximizing guest throughput, a high level of separation, and operational functionality without interruption. 


  • For Stadiums and Venue Operators:
    The sMove access solution significantly enhances safety in crowded environments. Its wide opening facilitates rapid, unobstructed evacuation during emergencies, ensuring that safety protocols are not only met but exceeded. This feature is crucial for maintaining high safety standards and building trust among guests, positioning your venue as a leader in visitor safety and compliance.  


Stories of Success and Satisfaction 

Hear from those who’ve witnessed the impact of the sMove. At renowned destinations and sports venues, the feedback is consistently overwhelming. Users report that the sMove doesn't just transform how they access facilities—it significantly improves their overall experience, making entries smoother and more efficient. From the ski slopes at Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis to the lively football stadium of LASK, the sMove has proven its worth as a top-tier solution in access and crowd management. 

Seeing is believing! We encourage you to visit these locations and experience the sMove firsthand. Witness its effectiveness for yourself and see how it could transform your venue. 


Join the Revolution in Welcoming  

With SKIDATA’s sMove Gate, begin every adventure, every encounter, and every event with a promise of something wonderful. 

This isn’t just about opening gates; it’s about opening possibilities.

Experience the seamless, smooth, and heartfelt welcome that only sMove can offer.   

A Glimpse into Tomorrow 

As the sMove proudly makes its world debut, the product development team at SKIDATA is not just watching; it is already developing the next generation of the sMove, set to revolutionize the welcoming experience even further. Imagine a future where your gates are 'always open'. These gates will close only when an unauthorized attempt is made, enhancing security without sacrificing the warmth of welcome. 

This innovative 'open gate' approach will fundamentally change how you manage large crowds. The next sMove will make the entry process significantly faster and more welcoming. By ensuring that gates are 'always open,' you will not just facilitate smoother entries but also boost overall customer satisfaction.  

These open gates aren't just an upgrade; they will set a new standard in access technology. 

With the next sMove, we are not just changing how gates work; we are changing the world of welcoming people! 

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