Double your guests’ convenience with parking management for ski resorts

Double your guests’ convenience with parking management for ski resorts

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For guests, a convenient experience begins before they set off for the journey to the mountain destination. They can pre-book and pay their parking and ski passes online using the resort’s web shop, from the convenience of their home: this ensures a relaxed start into their skiing day. At the destination, your guests directly head to the lift with their keycard reloaded online or the smartphone ski pass in their pocket.

Alternatively, reloading of their own keycard is also possible using the pick-up code at any of the vending machines at the mountain resort. Afterward, your guests’ way leads straight to the lift – no need to pass stop at the ticket window. The solution also holds clear benefits for you as a resort operator: satisfied guests and fewer staff to attend the ticket windows.

If guests prefer to purchase their ski pass on-site, SKIDATA’s vending machine allows your guests to collect their ski pass and pay for their parking at the same device on-site, as an alternative to purchasing via your web shop.

For you as an on-site service provider, parking management for mountain destinations that’s fully integrated into the access solution opens up new revenue streams. The smart mountain solution software also allows operators to offer parking spaces at reduced rates to guests who book a ski pass as well. Optional extra features like license plate recognition or EV-charging can easily be integrated into the parking system.

SKIDATA offers comprehensive, scalable park & ski solutions for ski resorts – fully customizable to the size and needs of your mountain destination. The SKIDATA Park & Ski solution is designed to give resort operators ultimate flexibility in meeting changing customer needs. Besides, the solutions also help to save on costs and labor.




Sierra Nevada – a perfect example of how to benefit from Park & Ski

Sierra Nevada’s guests benefit from a relaxed start into their skiing day. During the season, the destination named Pradollano is visited by around 6,500 skiing guests per day during the week. On weekends that number grows on average to a whopping 15,000 per day. Here, 2,000 meters above sea level, skiers have around 2,600 parking slots in the garage and 750 more on the outside car park at their disposal.

Those who reserve their parking ticket in advance know for sure that they will get a parking slot. All they have to do is register their license plate in the web shop. When they arrive, the gate at the parking area automatically opens thanks to license plate recognition (LPR). LPR twin cameras for front and rear imaging make sure that the plates are recognized properly even at freezing temperatures or in a snowstorm.

In addition to their parking ticket, guests can also purchase their ski pass in advance at the web shop. They simply collect their pre-ordered keycard using their pick-up code at any of the vending machines in the Sierra Nevada resort.

Last-minute guests or parking users won’t be left out in the cold either. On their arrival, the barrier at the car park will open automatically for them as well. When paying at a vending machine before checking out, guests just enter their license plate or use their smartphone for mobile payment. To do so, they scan the QR code on the parking ticket for use with any common payment app.

The benefit for resort’s operator, Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A.: satisfied guests and fewer staff resources required at the ticket windows. Overall, there is also less need for ticket vending machines, as the vending machine allows to collect the ski pass and pay for parking at the same device.


Premium service for premium guests

At Sierra Nevada, there is a special club, whose members are treated to a special service at the resort. The personalized Sierra Nevada Club Card functions not just as a ski pass but doubles as a permit for additional benefits. These include club-operated services like ski rentals – and a parking slot. Not only can the club offer its members dedicated, conveniently located parking spaces, it also provides members with a separate entry gate for fast-lane access. Club Cards can be renewed either online or at the vending machine. Using the SKIDATA software, operators can conveniently set and control any additional services for members.

Offer your guests a truly exceptional level of convenience: treat them to the benefits of the comprehensive and innovative park & ski solution by SKIDATA, which integrates seamlessly into your existing access system.

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