A piece of nature for your guests’ pocket - keycard pure

A piece of nature for your guests’ pocket - the keycard pure

Gisela Bechmann3 minutes reading time

The keycard pure, a new-style ski pass made entirely of wood, combines digital technology with alpine traditions into a ski pass medium for premium destinations. Digital access and an all-natural material – two seeming opposites that are brought together in perfect harmony in the keycard pure. The ski ticket made from 100% wood is a unique way for lift operators to welcome their premium guests and to stand out as a resort.


In the fall… when the trees are changing color and the temperatures begin to drop, people in their houses and offices are looking forward to winter: the chance to enjoy nature under a clear blue sky on snow-covered slopes with friends and family. Nature, outdoor sports, and maintaining a good conscience: these trends are unified in SKIDATA’s keycard pure, developed in cooperation with our partner exceet cards.

Lift operators can use the branding value of this ski pass made entirely of wood (and therefore wholly plastic-free) to set themselves apart from other resorts. In a way, the keycard pure stands for the spirit of welcoming nature-loving guests to high-class destinations.




A piece of the Alps

Nature itself shapes the keycard pure into a special eye-catcher. Every single card is one of a kind, featuring its own grain pattern and unique feel. Like regular keycards, this one is also rechargeable, which means it can be reused many times over. Based on RFID technology, the card also supports the corresponding range of functions. Carried in a sleeve or breast pocket of a ski jacket, it grants its holders convenient, touch-free access to the lifts.

The wood used for manufacturing the card is sourced exclusively from FSC-certified forests (as registered with the Forest Stewardship Council) – a prime example of replacing plastic materials with renewable premium-quality materials.

When the skiing season is over and guests return home, a keycard pure kept on the desk as a souvenir will be a stylish reminder of a wonderful time in the mountains – and an incentive to return next winter. At any rate, the keycard pure is a lovely high-class souvenir that your guests will love to keep.




All the highlights in a nutshell: The keycard pure combines digital technology with alpine traditions to let you differentiate yourself from other destinations. Made entirely of wood, it is a unique way for you to welcome your premium guests and stand out among ski resorts. Each card is a stylish eye-catcher in its own right, with a unique grain pattern that gives it a premium look and feel. Guests often like to keep them as a souvenir or collectible items: a great way for you to foster brand awareness and encourage return visits to your destination.

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