Transforming Parking Payments: The Power of License Plate Recognition

How License Plate Recognition is Changing Parking Payments

Thomas Doppler3 minutes reading time

Integrating License Plate Recognition (LPR) into payment is a game-changer for parking facilities.
It enables operators to collect parking fee payments in multiple ways, providing convenience to their customers and boosting revenue similarly.
Let's explore three ways parking facilities can integrate LPR into payment. 


On-site: Pay-by-Plate at the automatic pay station

Customers can pay directly on-site by entering their license plate number at the payment machine. The payment process is simple and quick.
Customers are presented with a summary of the payment process and can leave the car park without hassle.
This is an excellent option for customers who prefer paying at the time of parking.




Online: Mobile Payment

Adding mobile payment with QR codes makes parking even better for customers and streamlines revenue collection for car park operations.

With this option, customers simply scan a QR code displayed at the parking facility. 
This will open a payment website on their device.
Customers then enter their license plate number and complete the payment using their phones.

This process requires no app or registration, making it an accessible and efficient option for occasional and frequent parkers.
The mobile payment option allows parking operators to reduce the number of payment machines. In addition, it allows for faster payment processing, ensuring a smoother flow of vehicles in and out of the parking facility.

The convenience of mobile payments not only boosts customer satisfaction but also encourages repeat business.




Online: PayLater

For customers who prefer paying from the comfort of their homes, PayLater is an excellent option. Customers have 48 hours after leaving the parking facility to pay online.
They can go to the facility's website, enter their license plate number, and pay with just a few easy clicks.
This method allows parking facilities to encourage short-term parkers to become frequent parkers. They can integrate a subscription link into their website and marketing communications.




Online: Pay-Per-Use

Recurring customers can benefit from the ease of registered payment with the Pay-Per-Use option. The LPR camera system will recognize the license plate upon entry and exit. After each exit, the parking fee is automatically debited. Customers receive a confirmation email about the successful payment process, including the amount.
This is an excellent option for customers who frequently use the parking facility.



Integrating LPR technology into payment is a win-win for parking facilities and customers. Customers benefit from the convenience of multiple payment options, while parking facilities can boost revenue and encourage customer loyalty.



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