Whitewater Shopping Mall

Whitewater Shopping Centre

Whitewater Shopping Centre has 2 malls with 75 shops, 15 food outlets, a six-screen cinema with 1,050 seats and an annual footfall in excess of 5 million visitors.
A technical tender was issued to suppliers in Ireland in 2021 to appoint a partner to replace the existing system and deliver the latest in parking solutions. SKIDATA Ireland was chosen to implement the latest cashless payment solutions, web-based validations for the Odeon cinema-goers and ANPR cameras installed to cater for apartment residents, centre staff and everyday shoppers.

Project Overview 

Cashless Payment options at pay stations and lanes
Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system on all lanes
Additional Web hosted services for Validations, reporting and payment 
Replacing a car park management system whilst maintaining control and revenue intake requires good planning and communication with all parties. SKIDATA Ireland changed out all eleven lanes and eight pay stations with minimum disruption.

All old system hardware was removed from site and the very latest in SKIDATA solutions was implemented and handed over to the operator Euro Car Parks (Ireland) Ltd (ECP)
Whitewater Shopping Centre
Whitewater Shopping Centre
The latest fully integrated ANPR system installed on all lanes allows residents to enter and exit handsfree from the car park and is also used for contract parkers.

The ANPR system also helps with lost tickets and fast egress for paid transactions. In the future the Centre can switch to ticketless parking and offer further customer convenience.

Services to the facility are further expanded thanks to SKIDATA web-based services to ease the issue of validations to those going to the cinema.

ECP are now using the sweb Analyse reporting tool that allows fast financial and system event data retrieval and graphical representation.

Whitewater Shopping Centre

“Euro Car Parks was pleased to work with SKIDATA Ireland in the replacement of a large system in Whitewater Shopping Centre in Newbridge. They planned the change out with great professionalism and despite the scale of the task, we never lost a revenue hour.

David Cullen Managing Director

Facts & Figures

Project Name Whitewater Shopping Centre
City Newbridge
Installation Date March 2022
Capacity / Parking slots / Size 1700 parking spaces
Requirement State-of-the-art and future-proof access system for better commercialization
Solution implemented Parking.Logic
Realization / Special Features Complete replacement of existing systems

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