Linköping, City Parking

In Linköping, Sweden, SKIDATA has revolutionized the parking experience by seamlessly connecting off-street and on-street parking into one unified solution. 
At the center of this innovation is SKIDATA Connect, which powers the Linpark app serving as the primary touchpoint for parkers. This cutting-edge design is setting new standards, inspiring cities across the globe to reimagine their parking strategies.

Project Overview 

Smart City Parking
Fully App based
On-street integration

Partnering with Dukaten, we've introduced an online parking solution that reshapes smart city parking.

Our initiative in Linköping integrates on-street and off-street parking into a city-wide platform, making parking easy and seamless.

Linpark, our customer-focused app, simplifies the process. A swift registration grants parkers access to fully automatic parking.

Alternatively, they can park with a single swipe - no registration is needed.

The transparency of our digital system extends to municipal enforcement for easy verification and fast follow-up on parking violations.

Linköping, City Parking
Linköping, City Parking

Linköping, City Parking

A user-friendly app simplifies parking needs management. A  key aspect that sets our solution apart is our unwavering commitment to data security.

By eliminating reliance on third-party platforms, Linköping retains full control and security over all user-generated data.

Parking in Linköping has taken a digital leap.

Traditional facilities have been converted into an advanced automatic in-out-deduct system that effortlessly integrates with on-street parking. 

Using advanced License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, parking facilities can eliminate physical tickets, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted flows.

With SKIDATA Parking Guidance Solution, drivers can effortlessly locate their designated parking space within the city's 18+ parking garages.

Digital signage further refines the parking experience, guiding drivers efficiently.

This forward-thinking approach overcomes the limitations of static parking infrastructure.

Linköping, City Parking

Facts & Figures

Project Name Linköping, Dukaten
City Linköping
Installation Date March 2023
Solution implemented SKIDATA Connect, Webshop (eCom), License Plate Recognition (LPR), Parking Guidance and Signage, Digital Payment, EV-Charging, Reporting & Analytics, Control & Monitoring, Barrierrless Solution
Realization / Special Features On-street and Enforcement integration with App partner

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