Penrose Wharf

Penrose Wharf

Penrose Wharf is a business centre of over 100 commercial units situated in the heart of Cork city on the bank of the River Lee. When the time came for an upgrade of the car park system at Penrose Wharf the owners decided to choose SKIDATA as their preferred partner and have not regretted this decision ever since according to the testimonial below.

Project Overview 

RFID Contactless cards

EMV Cashless payment

Parking.logic Back office

With over 100 commercial units, the car park within Penrose Wharf needs to offer flexible contract parking for tenants and nearby offices. The single entry and exit lanes have integrated RFID readers, intercom and colour screens to inform contract drivers of their card status and short-term parkers of their barcode ticket status.

Penrose Wharf
Penrose Wharf

The SKIDATA pay station offers parkers a top-up facility for value cards and also a choice of cash or cashless payment options. All devices have integrated intercom which is answered in the security office which also houses the SKIDATA Data Administration Unit and intercom server.

“After prolonged periods of pain with previous parking equipment providers we entered the market for a new system with a negative view of the industry.  This view came from our history of far too frequent service calls coupled with extended downtime, parts order delays and a high premium for a service contract that didn't deliver. "

Penrose Wharf

"We’ve been customers of SKIDATA for over 8 years and thankfully the SKIDATA equipment has far exceeded our expectations as well as the service from all the departments we have had contact with."

Brian Sheehan, Property Manager

Facts & Figures

Project Name Penrose Wharf
City Cork
Installation Date Original Installation 2013
Capacity / Parking slots / Size 100 parking spaces
Requirement Provide a car park management system able to handle a variety of contract parking products, a reliable reporting system and system hardware.
Solution implemented Two automatic barriers and columns with integrated intercom RFID and barcode readers. One automatic pay station with cash and cashless payment
Realization / Special Features Retro fit of EMV cashless payment terminal on the pay station

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