Ireland West Airport Knock

Ireland West Airport Knock

Ireland West Airport Knock is located in the West of Ireland in County Mayo. The SKIDATA car park management system was the system of choice and was first installed in 2004 to help manage the ever-increasing numbers of cars parking on site as the airport operations expanded. Since then, SKIDATA Ireland has helped to keep the airport parking facilities up to date and ensure continuity of service through planned maintenance and ad hoc on site and remote support.

Project Overview 

License Plate Cameras integrated on all lanes

Integration with 3rd party Reservation platform

Cashless payment options

Ireland West Airport Knock has had to adapt to a wide variety of challenges over the years and SKIDATA Ireland has continually advised on how to adapt the SKIDATA parking system to stay ahead of these challenges.

The added functionality of integration of a pre-booking system has helped customers to receive special offers and to make their journey stress free and convenient. 

Ireland West Airport Knock
Ireland West Airport Knock

The introduction of the latest EMV cashless payment system at all pay stations has also helped reduce cash handling by Airport staff and provide a modern option of paying for parking at the Airport.

For those parkers who have not pre-booked the cashless payment option on all lanes is available to help avoid any queues at pay stations.

Ireland West Airport Knock

Facts & Figures

Project Name Ireland West Airport Knock
City Charlestown
Installation Date Original Installation 2004
Capacity / Parking slots / Size 1362 parking spaces
Requirement Introduce a paid parking system that can change and adapt over the long term to safeguard Airport investment.
Solution implemented Installation on all lanes of SKIDATA columns and barriers along with ANPR Cameras to provide handsfree ID for pre-booking and dealing with lost tickets. Automatic pay stations provide payment with both cash and cashless options
Realization / Special Features Latest EMV Cashless payment options ANPR cameras on every lane Integration to 3rd party online pre-booking platform

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