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Let your fans enjoy every visit!

Make visiting stadiums and arenas more convenient – and even more pleasant for your visitors! Let your visitors enjoy an all-around service for a perfect fan experience.

Accompany your visitors from the beginning of their journey. The perfectly coordinated interplay of sophisticated software, web-based services and robust design hardware form the basis for a perfect journey and for opening up new revenue streams. You get everything that supports your success from SKIDATA as a reliable, future-oriented provider with a long tradition. Consulting, implementation and service are always tailored to your needs and geared towards maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and profitability: Superior visitor experience enabled by an all-in-one solution.

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For a seamless entrance on the big day

Simulate your operations plan, ahead of time, to ensure a seamless entrance for all your visitors. SKIDATA’s pre-event check offers many possibilities: Virtually test all issued tickets and make adjustments where needed. The simulation checks all tickets based on whitelists and blacklists to ensure a smooth admission for the actual event. You can feel confident about your operations and are rest assured that everything is out in place and works well. Your guests enjoy the match and feel safe in your stadium. 

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Ticket purchase with additional value

Your guests’ journey to your stadium already begins at home: when booking the stadium ticket online, they might complement their order with additional services. Your visitors book ONE ticket for entering the stadium AND for access to the car park or for traveling by public transport. When booking a parking space, your visitor can add EV-charging. Utilizing eTickets brings many benefits for your guests: eTickets on smartphones not only update automatically in case of changes (e. g. to a different gate or time) and allow to adjust accordingly, but they also integrate directly into the guests’ Apple or Google wallets. Latest technology in eTicketing prevent fraud and increase safety for you and your guests.


Parking with the PLUS

Offer guests the benefit of fast parking so they can be in the stadium earlier and use the time for shopping in your stadium. Already at the entrance of the car park, display the best available parking space and guide them through the parking garage. The parking guidance system ensures efficient operation of all connected parking facilities, not just on match day. While your guests enjoy the match, their EV is charged and ready for the way home and makes your guests’ visit even more convenient. With the SKIDATA system, EV-charging seamlessly integrates into the parking system without the need to install third-party equipment.

Everything in good order in your stadium

Perfectly manage access operations, visitor flows and increase security: With flexible check-in options and integrating the latest ticketing technologies. SKIDATA’s access solutions support variable ticket formats, data carriers or mobile eTickets. For even more safety, NFC and biometric authentication as secondary security feature support the perfect entrance without the guests having to download an app. Increase security within the stadium by designating entry and area rules for restricted zones with accreditation management. You organize complete access control for staff and visitors with flexible access times, restricted areas, and grouping.

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