Singelgrachtgarage Amsterdam

Singelgrachtgarage - Marnix Amsterdam

Underground mobility hub: Underwater parking in the heart of Amsterdam
In response to urban growth in Amsterdam, with an increase in residential and office space, the city has decided to set clear limits on the number of cars parked on the street. Recently, significant progress has been made in realizing an underground parking garage under the Singelgracht with a total capacity of 800 parking spaces. Above-ground parking has been successfully relocated to this underground location, meaning residents and visitors now park underwater. This has reclaimed public street space for greenery, pedestrians, playing grounds, and cyclists. This smart approach promotes a sustainable and liveable urban environment.

Project Overview 

Automatic access for permit holders via license plate recognition
Optimized payment process for visitors: cashless, secure and fast
Advanced door readers ensure reliable pedestrian access
Amsterdam faces the challenge of urban densification and limited land availability. Increasing road congestion poses significant challenges regarding quality of life, mobility, and parking. Through a strategic approach, parking garages are being optimized and extended, and investments are being made in P+R facilities on the city's outskirts to reduce traffic congestion. The uniqueness of the Singelgrachtgarage - Marnix is its location under the Singelgracht. This hides cars from view, positively affecting the quality of life, air quality, and the city's image.
Singelgrachtgarage - Marnix Amsterdam
Singelgrachtgarage - Marnix Amsterdam
Approximately 80% of the capacity of this parking garage is reserved for permit holders, while 10% of the parking spaces are equipped with an electric charging station. To minimize street congestion and ensure a smooth traffic flow, permit holders and paying visitors must enter the garage effortlessly and find their way easily. The garage has advanced license plate recognition technology, allowing permit holders and visitors to park and pay without friction. Moreover, the current occupancy of the parking spaces is displayed 'live' on municipal information boards, ensuring a smooth and efficient parking experience.

Amsterdam parking garages are connected to the national Servicehuis Parkeren- en Verblijfsrechten (SHPV), which stands for the National Parking and Residence Rights Service House. This digital platform, integrated with SKIDATA Connect, unlocks and processes parking and residence rights and charges, through which permits are issued by license plate. Permit holders receive automatic access to a garage through license plate recognition. A parking permit for residents of Amsterdam Center, East, West, South, or Southeast also allows parking in a parking garage in certain areas. As a result, parking on the street and in the garage flows seamlessly into one another. Pedestrians enter the Singelgrachtgarage by simply entering their license plate into the door reader.
Singelgrachtgarage - Marnix Amsterdam

Facts & Figures

Project name Singelgrachtgarage - Marnix
City Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Installation date 2024
Capacity / Parking spaces 800
Requirement License plate recognition, SHPV-NPR link, door reader, cashless payment, control room
Implemented solution SKIDATA Connect; automated authorization and payment by license plate, central control room solution, advanced door readers, integrated payment solution, reporting & analytics
Technology Software as a Service (SaaS) Parking management software, AI license plate recognition

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