Parking barrier: Barrier.Gate

The barrier gate for all purposes and applications!

You can already accelerate at the entry, because entrance and parking space are the business cards of your company! Give your car park its own, unique touch with the completely new design of the Barrier.Gate and score with the most modern functions! Choose between standard booms – up to 4.5m long – or jointed barrier arms that can be illuminated from the inside. And more: Facilitate orientation for your customers by displaying various symbols using the integrated lane signal.

The Barrier.Gate doesn’t provide any barriers for you and your applications – but a clear boundary for your parking facility!

Quick Movements, Longer Booms

  • Boom lengths up to 4.5 meters (14.76 ft) in one single variation of the basic device with optional magnetic lock to prevent misuse.
  • Configurable opening times: openings are up to 15% quicker than other systems.

Entirely New Applications

  • Display of various symbols via the integrated track light.
  • Surveillance using a built-in video camera that is safe against vandalism.
  • Unique: Colored joint barrier boom using RGB LEDs for safety and recognisability.

The Intelligent System Without Column

  • The inexpensive solution for your long-term parking facility: You only need the barrier gate, no column.
  • Integrable RFID readers solve the task of parking facility monitoring.
  • Small amount of components.

High-Quality, Energy-Optimized Components

  • High-quality design that is the best in its field.
  • Special focus on the use of energy-saving components.
  • Operation in a wide range of temperatures possible without any extra heating or ventilation.


Information about the Barrier.Gate parking barrier at a glance for download.


*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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