Access reader: Freemotion.Gate

Turnstile gates and ticket readers for ski regions

Get on the slope of your ski region with a swing. The Freemotion.Gate ski pass reader with a turnstile measurably increases efficiency at lifts and gondolas due to its extremely fast scanning performance of ski tickets. Hence, your customers can enjoy quick and convenient access to the ski slopes. In addition, thanks to clever innovation and reliable functionality, the Freemotion.Gate turnstile gate offers more comfort, safety and protection against ticket abuse.

Freemotion.Gate Models

  • Freemotion.Gate ‘Basic’: The affordable Freemotion starter model with left-sided antenna.
  • Freemotion.Gate ‘Full’: Authorization test with double-sided antenna for maximum convenience: Pass can be worn on the left or right.


Put a stop to ticket fraud

  • Do you know how many euros you lose daily to ticket fraud? Freemotion.Gate with photo check prevents ticket sharing and uses height sensors to differentiate between adults and children. Play it safe.

Save Cash

  • Your employees have more important things to do. That´s why Freemotion.Gate does it all. Its reliable modular design minimizes your personnel costs.
  • Low-maintenance design: standard maintenance activities can be completed quickly and easily without third-party support.

Ticket check in record time

  • Freemotion.Gate increases throughput based on its extremely quick scanning capacity, regardless of how hands-free tickets are carried.

A forerunner in technology and design

  • The industry has spoken: the design and function of Freemotion earned it top honors at the Salzburg Innovation Awards.

Model comparison


Position and number of antennas1 antenna, left2 antennas: 
one left, one right
1 antenna, left
Magnetic tickets
Barcode tickets
SKIDATA keytix (13.56 MHz)
SKIDATA keycards (13.56 MHz)
SKIDATA data carrier (125 kHz)
Turnstile, 1-armed
Turnstile, 2-armed
Turnstile, 3-armed
Color display (QVGA)
Height sensor
Convenient height adjustment function
Polyphonic sound module
Mechanical brake for turnstile arms
Weather-proof cover
Installation on support feet
Overhead installation
● default, ○ optional, — not available

The operator is solely responsible for observing the legal provisions related to use of the products. Please comply with data privacy requirements when configuring SKIDATA systems and obtain your clients' consent when necessary.


Prevent Ticket Fraud

  • Efficient, direct photo check for lift attendants with persons at the access point (Photo Compare)
  • Photo camera in the scanner to take photos of people entering
  • Height sensors differentiate between adults and children
  • Control computer for managing and monitoring access onsite
  • Ticket information and photos are displayed clearly
  • Passes can be blocked, checks run reports generated.
  • Overhead monitor for large-screen display of photos directly at access point

Rotatable Scanner Suspension

Information Medium

  • Overhead monitor to display gondola counter reading and additional information, for organized access to the gondola station.


All the information you need at a glance is available for download here.

*For detailed information about the availability in your country please contact our local Sales Partner.

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