"I've been involved with everything."

SKIDATA devices are easy to recognize– even though they all look distinct. Danijela provides a clear product language.

Danijela has an excellent overview of what the various SKIDATA teams are working on right now. "I zip around, involving myself everywhere," says the designer. Because she has to make sure that all SKIDATA products are recognizable as SKIDATA products. "I make sure that continuity comes into our product language."

Fun with contradiction

Danijela has been with SKIDATA for five years. She studied industrial design at the University of Art in Linz and then worked in the automotive industry. "That was too one-sided for me in the long run," she recalls. "My work at SKIDATA is much more exciting because I work quite closely with the technicians." She likes having the regular challenge of the competing views between technicians and designers. "That's exactly what I enjoy," says Danijela, "when I'm right in the middle of it and have to overcome this contradiction between making the technical details work with good design." It's about more than just the beautiful case. It's about making the devices recognizable.

Visual Product Language

The particular challenge is SKIDATA's wide range of very different products– from ticket vending machines in multi-story car parks to access control at ski lifts or stadiums to cash register systems. "Nevertheless, you can always recognize a SKIDATA product, even if it doesn't carry our logo," remarks Danijela. The SKIDATA colors are the distinguishing features: light grey, dark grey, and yellow. The narrow yellow accent stripe on every product is designed for ease of recognition from a distance. The Visual Product Language is all about SKIDATA devices communicating their characteristics to the outside world and making them visible. SKIDATA products are designed for daily use, ensuring a smooth access solution and parking system in any environment, any time of year, by day or by night. The design mirrors and underscores SKIDATA's core values by being uncompromisingly durable products. "The devices are very linear but have no sharp edges. This balanced and calm interplay of straight lines and soft curves is one of the essential stylistic features, making the devices appear robust– which they are," says Danijela. "The surface towards the user is always tidy to make operation easier. We use dark colors and illuminate the individual operating elements such as the ticket mouth.

Good design is everyone's business

Leaving her own mark on the SKIDATA design is not what it’s all about, says Danijela. Nevertheless, something has changed. "In the beginning, there were a lot of different design surfaces. Now everything has a cleaner, more understated look." According to Danijela, good design can only assert itself if it is understood not only at the highest level but throughout the company. "That's why it's important that we keep our employees well informed," she says, "we provide lectures on various design topics for our colleagues." The Visual Product Language has been specified in a guidebook.