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Belkis Etz
Vice President Human Resources
[t] +43 6246 888-0

It’s no surprise that good service for our customers depends on the knowledge and experience of our employees. Maybe you could use your know-how to pave the way for young talents to join SKIDATA?

Imre, Senior Technical Support and Storyteller

Imre HarangozoHungarian-born Imre joined SKIDATA as Senior Technical Support in April 1997. Project assignments all over the world have expanded his specialist repertoire. Colleagues will remember the project presentation "Football World Cup Angola", where Imre showed that great success can be achieved even under difficult conditions. Today Imre also supports junior staff as a mentor. SKIDATA is proud to have him on the team. His difference in age only really appears on paper and his humour and exciting stories are a real bonus for the team.

Herbert, Project Manager and Guiding Hand

Herbert GriesserSince February 2001 Herbert has led project teams from storming to performing. Whether with a colleague, partner, supplier or customer – whether in access or destination management – project work in teams is always most important to him. He is a certified Senior Project Manager (IPMA Level B) and regularly prepares junior staff for the challenges of project management in workshops lasting several days. He also assists senior staff in successfully completing projects in an international environment regardless of size and budget. Structure, methodology, transparency and social skills are especially important to him.