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Meet our team - our Departments at a Glance

We offer exciting challenges and open positions in various departments. In order to give you a better insight you can find here a description of our departments at a glance.

Hard & Software Development

SKIDATA’s department of Hardware & Software Development is the place where innovative systems solutions for the global market of access management are developed. It focuses particularly on the development of access solutions in the area of People and Car Access as well as on centrally hosted Online Services.

Customer-specific solutions are developed in our “Competence Center.” The basis for SKIDATA’s success is research and development with a finger on the pulse of the time.

As Reinhard Surkau, head of the department for Hardware Development, has put it: “We constantly keep an eye on the latest technological trends and work together with international partner companies to develop overall systems that define the market. This provides our clients with steadily increasing and more user friendly identification and interaction opportunities.”

Our Team in Hard & Software Development

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Business Process & Transformation Management

The Business Process & Transformation management department is enabling transformation through a collaborative people centric and process improvement approach. To support internal and external customers be successful is the mantra of this team. As internal consultants the team drives and enables culture & change programs, business transformation,  internal communication, quality & process management as well as portfolio management.

On a more operative level, their main focus lies in leading process discovery, process design workshops, process implementations and designing the Application Architecture for the company. Also, the team will coach Process Owners and Managers on improvement methods, Lean Six Sigma, Agile and support business process improvements and other transformation initiatives.

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Finance, Administration & Supply-Chain-Management

Our department of Finance & Administration rounds off our entire organization and is subdivided into the areas of Accounting, Controlling, Human Resources, and Legal. The staff is particularly valued as internal consultants of our worldwide specialists and leaders, as well as of our executive board—and not only in matters of numbers, dates, and facts.

Within the operative sphere, the main focus lies on customer orientation. The Supply Chain Management Team is in charge of getting the products and goods at the right time to the right place. It looks after everything that is needed along the supply chain.

Our Team in Finance, Administration & Supply-Chain-Management

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Service Management

The SKIDATA service team is an important interface for our clients, partners, and employees within the international service environment. It offers important support for the technical maintenance of our systems. The range of work includes traveling to clients in order to help install new systems or to offer maintenance of previously installed systems, as well as offering remote servicing and overseeing the Support Hotline. Our service technicians ensure that our clients have no hassles when installing SKIDATA systems.

Our Service Logistics department takes care of possible repair needs. It operates internationally and emphasizes the reutilization and durability of our products, thus saving the environment and reducing costs.

To ensure that our employees are always up to speed in regard to technology and are experts in their field, the department of Training & Documentation offers professional training. Technical training of SKIDATA clients also falls under this department.

Our Team in Service Management

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Hosting Center & IT

The SKIDATA Hosting Center makes sure all our systems run smoothly—worldwide and around the clock. In addition, it offers support for the development of the hosted Online Services and gives technical support.

To guarantee this support on a technical level is one of the jobs of the IT department. Core areas are conception and integration. By running and further developing efficient solutions as well as coordinating and controlling outsourced IT services, our network specialists ensure a smooth workflow among clients and staff.

Our Team in Hosting & Information Technology

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Sales & Marketing

The department of Sales & Marketing functions as the central hub for the distribution and marketing of our entire range of products. This is the place where international markets are being analyzed, marketing strategies are being developed, and the positioning in the market is being defined.

In the next step, the department works on communication methods and marketing them on different platforms. The sales team takes care of specialized solutions that orient themselves to the needs of our international clients and state-of-the-art technology. Customized solutions are being developed in accordance with the demands of the client.

Our Team in Sales & Marketing

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