The fact that you´re joining a world-class
company is not all that unusual.
But finding that start-up spirit still alive at SKIDATA
may well come as a surprise.
The world market leader in access solutions is seeking a persuasive talent for

Solution Architect for Business Integrations & Development

The technology behind our gates and access readers is as surprising as it is convincing, with thousands of our systems in more than 100 countries – for example at ski resorts, airports, stadiums and amusement parks.


You advise customers on Information Technology (IT) related topics for our parking management solutions as well as deliver these secure solutions together with customer teams. As an expert with an IT drive and (in time) parking knowledge, you become the trusted advisor/implementer our customers appreciate when integrating SKIDATA solutions into their environment. This is your contribution to drive innovation and deliver IT solutions on top of our gates and access readers.


  • Passion for IT/network technology
  • Expertise in automation and/or as an IT specialist in systems engineering
  • Knowledge of electrical engineering and English language skills
  • Commitment and self-reliance


  • Global perspectives
  • Variety of integrations
  • Motivating ethos of freedom
  • Attraction as market leader
  • Unique success story
  • Highly motivated team



Apply now if you want to be part of the SKIDATA-team. Please apply by sending your motivation + CV to

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