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Barbara Köglhaider
Generalist Training & Development
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Our Interns are Reporting

Hard & Software Development

Patricia: My Internship in Intern Technical Training

I am a student at the University of Florida entering my final year of school. For my degrees, I am studying Spanish and International Studies, and I am pursuing the TESL (Teaching English as a second language) Certification offered by my University, which will certify me to teach English in an international setting. This summer I participated in a twelve week Study Abroad program hosted by Salzburg College. The first six weeks focused on classes and the second half on internship work and experience.

My internship at SKIDATA is with the Technical Training Department. My two main tasks are to help with intercultural competence, and to help improve SKIDATA’s online E-training platform. One specific example of a task is the Summer Morning Talks, which was organized together with the Human Resources Department. It was a fun experience for me and is also a great opportunity for SKIDATA employees to practice their conversational English. I prepared the topics for the Summer Morning Talks and encouraged SKIDATA employees to talk. I am enjoying my work at SKIDATA immensely. As someone who hopes to teach English after graduating, this experience is incredibly valuable to me.

The most surprising thing about working at SKIDATA is how welcoming and warm the atmosphere is. Everyone is so friendly, the workplace is casual but efficient, and everyone seems more like a family than just coworkers. My time here has been a fantastic experience.

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Sarah: My Internship in Test Equipment

I am a student at the HTL, a polytechnic school, with a focus on biomedical and health technology and wanted to use the summer to gain work experience. My brother completed a trial week at SKIDATA and excitedly told me about it. For this reason I also applied for an internship with SKIDATA.
For me this is a wonderful opportunity to get experience at an international company. You can find SKIDATA products everywhere – in parking garages, at ski resorts, and in stadiums for example – and it is a cool feeling to assist in their development.
I was given a task right on my first day and I was able to take care of it relatively independently. In my internship I assist various employees in the test equipment construction department with their tasks. My activities include soldering and creating circuit diagrams and layouts with the drawing tool Eagle. Together with a colleague, I built and soldered a test adapter with 150 cables, for example. I have also been able to try out another area outside of this department, too: I have been able to work on formatting of fields in Sharepoint, the intranet and collaboration tool used at SKIDATA.
My co-workers are extremely friendly, helpful and teach me many things. I especially appreciate the practical relevance: I can take on exciting activities and learn a lot while doing so. I was surprised at how proficient SKIDATA trainees are and how willing they are to share their knowledge with an intern like me.

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Simon: My Internship in Test Equipment

Like most interns, my first contact with SKIDATA was while skiing. Later, I became familiar with SKIDATA as a great international company based in Salzburg. A friend of mine works in support at SKIDATA and told me only good things about working at its headquarters in Grödig. So for me this was one reason I chose to do an internship in this company.

My task is to develop an automated test adapter for modules. The goal is for SKIDATA to be able to commission the modules externally and these can be best tested using the developed test adapters. I programme and develop firmware and make adjustments to the hardware.

It’s great that I can work relatively independently in my internship: I can arrange my work – when I do what ¬– myself and experienced colleagues are always there to answer my questions.

Plus it makes me proud to develop something that will actually be put to use. Even troubleshooting can be a lot of fun, especially once you’ve found the problem and everything ultimately works again. What I especially like at SKIDATA is the friendly cooperation between colleagues.

In my opinion, what should a test equipment intern have? Knowledge is not decisive because in my opinion, you can learn everything you need to know. Interest in the topic is much more important. I, for example, like to tinker around with things in my free time and work on electronics. And of course you need the necessary ambition to deliver good results in the end.

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Alexander: My Internship in Hardware R&D

I study computer science at the Technische Universität München in Munich and will soon begin my fifth semester. I also spend a lot of time with technology at home, repair amplifiers for music and am currently developing a new control for my broken washing machine.

I also did a summer internship at SKIDATA as a pupil in 2011. Back then, I developed software for an embedded system that enables video streaming on a screen and its recording. Plus as part of an intern project at SKIDATA, I analysed how appropriate voice over IP technology is for intercoms at automated pay stations.

This summer, I am completing an internship to evaluate various algorithms for optimal positioning of radio tags. Among other tasks, I am developing a program in the C programming language. I work with various tools such as evaluation boards, and with an in-circuit debugger and program in order to test the software which has been developed. I especially like that I can choose the development environment; in my case, I chose Eclipse.

I am basically free to choose my working hours, but I typically get to work between 8:30 and 9:00. Thomas, a hardware system architect with a lot of experience, is my advisor and is always available when I have questions. The work environment at SKIDATA is great. Our department head, for example, often treated us to ice cream during the hot summer months.

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Benjamin: My Internship in Firmware Development

I study computer science at the Graz University of Technology and was late when it came to looking for a suitable summer internship. That’s why I was all the more happy that I found online this great internship at SKIDATA.

So how does my day look like? My workday begins at 8:00 am and I quickly review the tasks for the day with my internship supervisor, Stefan. He assists me with implementing the tasks and is always happy to answer questions. During our team coffee break in the morning, I learn a lot about the status of my co-workers’ projects and about development topics. Of course, we also passionately discuss other topics too, such as the big football event in Brazil in the past few weeks. My role is to further develop test-automation for the coder. For this I program in C# and come up with various tests.

What I especially like about SKIDATA is the flexible time management, which means I can work a little longer from Monday to Thursday and therefore start the weekend a little earlier on Friday. If you’d like to do an internship in firmware test-automation, you should definitely enjoy working in a team, be interested in programming and RFID technology, and be willing to learn new things.

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Finance, Administration & Supply-Chain-Management

Brian: My Internship in Intern Business Development

I am currently a student at the University of Florida, in the United States and I am studying Finance and Mathematics. I just have finished my first year of university and I am here in Salzburg as part of a study abroad program sponsored by my university.

Before coming here, to be honest I had never heard of SKIDATA. As part of my study abroad program I got the possibility to attend an internship based on my interests and possible career paths. That was the reason Salzburg College placed me here. I certainly have encountered entry gates at amusement parks and stadiums before and even though I am not sure if they were from SKIDATA I know now that there are some potential customers near to my home.

My internship is with the Business Development/Business Segment Management departments. The focus of my internship has been creating and evaluating a new SKIDATA business idea/product. I am working mostly autonomously throughout the day. Most of my work is research based so I am looking up information about the current state of the market and products that competitors already have in place. Once a day I meet my supervisor to discuss more tasks and the work I did the previous day. Additionally, I have been having meetings with people from other departments to learn more about SKIDATA’s products and whether the products that I am designing are feasible to create.

I have loved working at SKIDATA; everyone is extremely nice and the company culture is wonderful.

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Hosting Center & IT

Gerda: My Internship in IT / Hosted Services

I study Information Technology & System-Management (ITS) at the FH Salzburg and have chosen two specializations in mechatronics and network technology, as I find these interesting. My fifth semester is coming up. I first found SKIDATA one-and-a-half years ago at CONTACTA, the FH Salzburg career fair. I sent out six applications to get my first practical experience. SKIDATA sent me the first, fixed approval of my internship. Everything was just right, from timing to the working conditions to the type of work.

I wanted to do an internship that would help me with my studies. In the past, I have unfortunately found that interns are given only very simple tasks that are not always relevant to the subject. This is different at SKIDATA: I am able to work in the subject matter, I am supported and challenged. I am not bored and therefore also love to work there. The team IT / Hosted Services, where I am an intern, is responsible for smooth operation of servers and server-relevant services. A sophisticated monitoring system controls all systems. I am currently testing Icinga2 as an alternative to the present monitoring system. I have set up a test computer for this and installed different graphics interfaces. I am helping to optimize the monitoring system to prevent failure alarms. The Linux operating system is entirely new to me, but I have familiarized myself with it well.

We have a very good working atmosphere. I am always able to ask questions and I have been part of the team from the beginning. It was a positive surprise for me that I am taken seriously as an intern and have been given a sensible, important task. Visiting the data center in Wels was a special highlight for me. It was very exciting for me to see how complex, redundant and fail-safe the SKIDATA server is.

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Matyas: My Internship in Project Management

My father was actually looking around a bit for a job and happened to come across an internship opening at SKIDATA online. He told me about it and the description of the internship sounded exciting so I applied for it from Hungary.

I have studied information systems at the Corvinus University in Budapest since 2013 and it was time for me to start gaining practical experience. I had already been accepted for another internship when I received the call from SKIDATA telling me they would like to meet me. Actually, I had not counted on getting the internship in the end. That's why I was even more excited that I was accepted.

My task is to find out whether PostgreSQL – an open source databank management system – fulfills certain functional and speed requirements and if it would be a good alternative to other databank management systems. At the beginning I had to become acquainted with existing databank solutions and their functionalities. It is a small highlight for me each time a code works – sometimes after multiple attempts. Putting the theoretical knowledge from university into practice, and in an international environment at that, is very valuable experience.

It was a big step for me to go from Hungary to Austria for an internship. But it has definitely paid off: every day I learn something new. The friendly working environment made a positive impression on me from the very beginning, everyone says hello to everyone else and is ready to answer questions and exchange ideas. I enjoy the beautiful surroundings here in Grödig to their fullest: I often go hiking and having the Untersberg mountain just outside the front door is a luxury for me.

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Thomas: My Internship in IT Infrastructure

I study information technology and system management at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and was looking for an exciting internship to form the basis of my bachelor’s thesis. When an acquaintance spoke highly of SKIDATA I did some research on the internet and immediately applied for an internship in SKIDATA’s IT department. Because this was an unsolicited application, I was very positively surprised to be invited for an interview just a few days after submitting the application.

The idea behind my project was the expansion of existing IT monitoring systems in terms of building and environmental engineering parameters in order to increase the availability of the IT components. Temperature, air conditioning or emergency power supply, for example, should be monitored. Additionally, energy consumption should be able to be measured as simply as possible to create the basis for energy-saving measures. This would be realized with a versatile single-board computer that could be modularly expanded and installed in a weather-proof box. This would have standardized interfaces onto which many different sensors could be attached. The goal was to make reliable monitoring of any parameters as simple, low maintenance and low cost as possible.

Working in the IT team was very exciting. I could take a very independent approach to solving problems and my colleagues always had time to listen to me. I especially appreciated the friendly and open interaction and the general policy of being on first-name terms with everyone.

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Sales & Marketing

Karen: My internship in Business Segment Management

I got to know SKIDATA through the subsidiary in Spain. Its internationality and innovative culture make the company very interesting to me. In general I enjoy getting to know different cultures and one of the best experiences of my life was my Erasmus semester while I was studying abroad in a small city called Nürtingen in southern Germany.
I finished my law and business studies at the University Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid one year ago and currently I am completing an online master’s degree in psychology, one of my biggest passions. During my business studies I especially enjoyed marketing courses and I will probably focus on this subject in the future.
Of course there are many cultural differences between Austria and my home country Spain, but thanks to the kindness of the people here I felt very welcome from the beginning. I consider Salzburg one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the high mountains make it very special for me.
The main task of my internship at SKIDATA is doing online market research in the field of smart city solutions: the range of solutions, the market players and the way the markets sell their products. Additionally, I had the opportunity to help prepare the promotional materials for the Smart City fair in Barcelona. It was a pleasure to meet some of our customers there and to get to know the Smart City participants personally.
I had a very good working relationship with my supervisor Simone and she was supportive although her time is limited as she travels a lot for her job. The office and its location are great − literally ´at the foot of the mountain!´ − and in the cafeteria you can meet other employees very easily. I have really enjoyed my time at SKIDATA and I would like to extend a special thank you to all the people that have made me feel at home!

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Patrik: My Internship in Product Data Management

I am currently attending the Werkschulheim Felbertal (a secondary school with practical training) with a focus on mechatronics and this autumn I will be starting year 13. This summer I absolutely wanted to complete a qualified internship and stumbled upon SKIDATA while doing research online. I was surprised how you can constantly bring new technology to the market with a relatively small team and yet further develop so many systems at the same time. The internship itself was especially appealing because I could learn a lot about the electronic components of the devices.
As an intern, my task is data maintenance for the component collection, which means I mostly enter data sets for new projects. Also the inspection of existing projects and entry of thumbnails for components in order to have a preview image of each article is included in my work. At the moment, I am working on a special kind of access reader whose parts I am entering into the system.
In addition I am working on improving the overview of our data management system, for example by optimising data sheets or standardising file names. This serves the purpose of making documents and articles easier and faster to find. At the same time, I am creating documentation of each step of the work flow which will make it easier to enter this matter in the future.
What I especially like about my internship is that I get to experience the individual hardware projects up-close and learn how the insides of the products – meaning the electronics and mechanics – look. Plus, the teamwork with my contact person Gerhard is really great and he answers all of my questions. He also puts a lot of trust in me that I reliably perform my tasks.
As an intern in product data management, you should have good basic knowledge about computer terminology. You should also enjoy working on the computer and working with a large amount of data.

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Julia: My Internship in Sales

I am completing my second internship at SKIDATA – when I was 17, I was also an intern here. Even then, I was excited by the comfortable work environment and friendly atmosphere. In addition, as a long-time freestyle skier I was very familiar with SKIDATA products in ski areas.
Above all, the extreme development fascinates me: I have been skiing since I was 3 years old and have directly experienced the progress from the stamping of tickets all the way to contact-free access.
In my current internship in sales support, I have a much more diverse range of activities than I had during my first internship. Here my work is cross-departmental: my tasks range from proofreading various product documentations and updating client information in the ERP system to preparing billing and invoicing and different translations from English into German.
I work with many different people. The entire staff at SKIDATA are very open and are happy to take the time to explain things. If something is still unclear, you can always ask for more help. My main contact person in the department is Andrea, a long-time and very experienced employee in distribution who also trained me for my work.
The most important thing for me is that I like going to work, just as I do at SKIDATA.

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