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Your Application and Career at SKIDATA

An Interview with a SKIDATA recruiter

Learn how you can score points with your application and convince others in your interview: a SKIDATA recruiter explains what she values during the selection process.

What specifically do you look for in an application?

A well-structured résumé without gaps and which describes the most important positions of your career, including your responsibilities, is number one in an application as job titles are often not self-explanatory. The same job title can have completely different areas of responsibility at different companies.

You can also leave a great impression with a convincing cover letter. When you explain, for example, why you are applying and why you are the perfect candidate for the job, your application becomes personal and believable. Take this opportunity to give the recruiter a first impression of you and your motivation.

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Which qualifications should suitable new SKIDATA employees have?

Besides job-specific knowledge, other qualifications and characteristics are important. The ranges of duty at SKIDATA are very diverse: a major part of our success is our energetic R&D team, with more than 170 employees in development and quality assurance spread out over different locations.

In Service Management, the department responsible for technical assistance with our equipment and the optimal operation of our installations, we offer jobs around the globe. Other important departments for which we constantly recruit new employees are Marketing & Sales, Finance & Administration, Supply Chain Management and IT. Depending on the area of responsibility, various characteristics are essential. In Sales, for example, good communication and presentation skills, as well as persuasiveness, are crucial, while in Development it is often people with an analytical approach and strong problem solving skills who are in demand. In Service Management it is not only good technical knowledge but also high customer- and service-orientation which are important. And up-and-coming managers and candidates who are planning an international career and would like to gain experience abroad are also welcome at SKIDATA.

We depend on individuality and a variety of different personalities. Each employee brings their strengths to the team. It is not only the fulfillment of functional requirements that is of importance, but it is also critical that the person is a good fit with us. SKIDATA is an international company with a very open company culture. The entire company uses first names and we work together to find solutions. Therefore we look for approachable people with intercultural skills. We pool our expertise and together we develop our skills as proficient, dedicated team players. SKIDATA is made up of creative minds who, with an innovative spirit, develop unique technologies, all while giving our team the freedom to work independently and realize their potential.

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How can you sell/market yourself best in your interview?

We look for employees who are proficient and open. Be passionate about what you do! It is important that you convey great interest in your field. In my opinion, you can only be really good at things you enjoy doing. Be yourself! Staying authentic while simultaneously marketing yourself well in a job interview is a huge challenge. It is perhaps possible to play a role for an hour, but your true self will be revealed in the end in your actual job. At the same time, that does not mean that you shouldn't be on your best behavior. It is important that you are honest and don't try to be someone else. After all, you will only feel comfortable in a company that really suits your personality and in which you can master the requirements of the job.

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How can I build a career at SKIDATA?

SKIDATA gives employees many opportunities for development in a dynamically growing company. We offer the freedom to realize your potential, get actively involved and thereby become visible. Our staff also has the chance of taking over different responsibilities in their current positions or transferring departments. Our User Experience & Interface Designer, for example, has already worked in various departments within the company. Not only at headquarters, but also around the world, new perspectives constantly open up for our employees. Take Rafaela who once held the leading position in Controlling at the SKIDATA headquarters and then ventured far from home to take the position of Commercial Manager in Australia.

We are especially proud of our great apprenticeship training for which we have twice been awarded. Many of our apprentices complete their training with great success and even earn their high school diploma and then go on to study while working. But no matter which path our apprentices choose, an apprenticeship at SKIDATA is very often the perfect first step into a successful career.

Many of our current management started as employees at SKIDATA. This means that many managers of tomorrow will come from within our own ranks. This has the advantage that they know their employees' challenges from their own personal experience and can therefore better assist their team in solving problems and in their development. A development path is chosen together in annual reviews. We offer a diverse range of development opportunities with attractive tasks and career paths – for both specialists and managers. Not all employees strive for a managerial position; many feel very comfortable in their professional role and want to develop this career. For this reason, we offer skilled workers not only the possibility of a career in management, but also specialist careers. This means, for example, that employees can develop from technician to architect or even principal over the course of their career. Certain requirements such as experience and education/training are linked to each stage of a specialist career.
Staff development is an important issue for us: we offer specialist training for our employees around the world through our training department. Especially for such an innovative company as SKIDATA, it is essential to always be at the cutting edge of technology. But training in methodological skills such as project management or presentations, as well as so-called soft skills such as communication and conflict management, are regularly offered.

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Application Procedure

Here you will find frequently asked questions about the application process, apprenticeships, internships and career opportunities at SKIDATA. If your question is not answered here, simply contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

What jobs and positions are currently open at SKIDATA?

All job openings can be found via the SKIDATA job portal.

How can I apply for an advertised position?

We look forward to your online application. Simply click on the job you are interested in and would like to apply for. Here you will find an "Apply" button. Please complete the application form as thoroughly as possible. The more detailed your information, the better we can evaluate your qualifications and skills and the faster and more efficiently we can process your application. This will also make it easier to keep your application on file.

Which documents should I attach to my application?

In addition to your cover letter, please send us your current résumé, most recent reference (certificate of service) and diploma/certificate from your highest level of education.

I am interested in more than one position or location. Is one application enough?

Yes, one application is sufficient. Please note your desired positions and/or locations in your cover letter.

Unfortunately I do not see any suitable positions for me advertised on the job portal. Can I send an unsolicited application?

If you do not see a suitable job opening for you, feel free to send us your unsolicited application. Please use our online form for unsolicited applications. We will get an idea of your skills and see if your profile matches any planned job openings.

Can I sign up for a newsletter to automatically receive interesting job ads?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter – all job openings are published on these social media platforms. You can also get information on vacancies via our RSS feed.

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What apprenticeships are available at SKIDATA?

  • Office administrator
  • Media specialist – media design
  • Information technologies – technician
  • Information technologies – computer specialist
  • Mechatronic technician
  • Electronics technician – applied electronics
  • Operating logistics clerk

Read more about skilled trades and apprenticeships at SKIDATA.

What qualifications do I need for an apprenticeship at SKIDATA?

The basic requirements for an apprenticeship at SKIDATA are commitment and interest in the job description, plus completion of compulsory schooling. Our apprentices include both people who leave vocational school early and workers with their high school diploma.

When do apprenticeships at SKIDATA begin?

You can start at any time throughout the year. Completion of compulsory schooling, however, is required. The date of entry depends on the need of the department.

Which documents do I need to apply for an apprenticeship?

In addition to a cover letter, a current résumé and your last report card is all you need for your application. If you have completed an internship, please include your internship confirmation as well.

Can I complete an internship and earn a high school diploma (A-levels) at SKIDATA at the same time?

Yes, once you are familiarized with your skilled trade, nothing speaks against earning your high school diploma or A-levels. We recommend beginning these courses in the second year of your apprenticeship at earliest. Then you will be familiar with your work and can better assess the effort required. It is of course important that even while doing this additional training you are able to achieve a good work-life balance.

Can I also begin in the second year of my apprenticeship?

Depending on your previous education and training, you can also begin in your second year. Please send us your complete application documents including report cards.

Can I do a second apprenticeship at SKIDATA?

Yes, after successfully completing your first apprenticeship you can begin a second apprenticeship with us.

How can I apply for an apprenticeship?

We look forward to your unsolicited apprenticeship application.

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Can I do an internship at SKIDATA?

Yes, we regularly advertise internship positions on our website. We are also happy to receive unsolicited internship applications and will discuss the possibilities with the relevant department.

How long does an internship with SKIDATA last?

The length of an internship varies and depends on the scope of your project or tasks (generally between one and six months).

Which documents do I need to apply for an internship?

In addition to a cover letter, a current résumé and last report card is all you need for your application. If you have completed an internship, please include your internship confirmation as well.

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Diploma Thesis and Final Papers

Can I write my diploma thesis or dissertation about SKIDATA and its products?

Yes, we regularly advertise available thesis topics on our website. If you do not find a suitable topic, you can also submit an application to Please send us your desired subject area(s) or concrete topic suggestion. We will be happy to discuss the options with the relevant department.

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