Cresta Johannesburg

Cresta Johannesburg

Parking Management and marketing tool
The Cresta shopping center in Johannesburg is one of the most popular retail malls in South Africa. The manager’s challenge is to keep everyone happy, make sure they create a safe environment for their tenants and customers, and make sure what they do today works 100% for them. That’s why they decided to manage their 7,000 spaces car park with a SKIDATA parking solution.

Project Overview 

One of the most popular shopping malls in South Africa
7,000 space car park
100,000 square meters of commercial space
The shopping center was built in 1976 and offers 100,000 square meters of fashion, entertainment, food, and much more. The millions of visitors every month experience an upbeat atmosphere. Easy and convenient parking plays an important part.
Cresta Johannesburg
Cresta Johannesburg
The new system that SKIDATA has installed at the center, is equipped with business technology for cashless payment systems. By that, they can get people to pay at the payment machine using their credit cards.
To promote their business, Cresta shopping center also uses the advertising opportunities at columns and barriers with videos or other advertising campaigns. Supporting this, SKIDATA's services fulfill the needs and requirements of the customer and ensure the smooth operation of the facility.
Cresta Johannesburg

You are giving us an excellent service and we are really happy with SKIDATA.

Virginia Bester, General Manager

Facts & Figures

Project Name Cresta Johannesburg
City Johannesburg, South Africa
Installation Date 2016
Capacity / Parking slots / Size 100,000 square meters shopping mall, 7,000 space car park, millions of monthly visitors
Requirement Parking Management, cashless payment, advertising at columns and barriers
Solution implemented Business technology for payment by credit card, quick and easy access
Realization / Special Features use SKIDATA Products as a marketing tool

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