environmental policy

SKIDATA's environmental policy

SKIDATA changes the world of welcoming people. This business purpose is achieved with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and consequently environmental responsibility at the core of the SKIDATA DNA. Firstly, by anchoring it into our vision to connect clients, partners and visitors in a sustainable way evident in SKIDATA core processes. Secondly, by rooting Social Responsibility particularly the aspect to protect our environment in our company value CARE. Thirdly, by creating awareness and providing quality education in the area Corporate Social Responsibility for SKIDATA employees.

SKIDATA is committed to ensuring continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System. SKIDATA is also committed to the protection of the environment as well as avoidance of environmental impacts and ensures fulfillment of legal obligations and requirements.

Sustainability is an integral part of our solution offerings with a particular focus in product development and reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions in our value chain. From longevity of our products and evaluating of their carbon footprints, over setting reduction measures, SKIDATA’s product portfolio supports our customers and their clients alike to reduce their environmental impact. In addition, we expect our suppliers to manage the impacts of their business activities and reducing their own environmental footprint.

SKIDATA is also further striving to decarbonize SKIDATA locations by evaluating the Corporate Carbon Footprint, by reducing and separating waste, by minimizing energy consumption and using renewable energy as well as implementing measures to reduce scope 3 emissions.

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