The Entertainment Quarter

The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

The Entertainment Quarter is a bustling hub located in Sydney, attracting over 4.3 million visitors annually and serving as a premier destination for entertainment, leisure, and retail.
SKIDATA has proudly launched its cutting-edge parking solution at The Entertainment Quarter, enhancing the overall parking experience for visitors and seamlessly integrating with the venue's dynamic environment.

Project Overview 

9 SKIDATA-equipped lanes ensure a seamless entry and exit experience
Integration of eCom B2C and B2B offers a comprehensive online booking system for both individual visitors and corporate clients
Successful upgrade from a standard ticketed system to SKIDATA's advanced parking solution, elevating the customer experience

The Entertainment Quarter, with its vast influx of visitors and diverse attractions, required a robust and efficient parking solution to cater to its dynamic environment.

SKIDATA stepped in with its state-of-the-art parking system, introducing 9 SKIDATA-equipped lanes.

These lanes were designed to ensure that visitors experience a seamless entry and exit, thereby enhancing the overall visitor experience at EQ.

The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney
The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

With the increasing demand for online bookings and the need to cater to both individual visitors and corporate clients, a comprehensive online booking system was imperative.

SKIDATA's integration of B2C and B2B eCom has addressed this need effectively.

This integration not only offers convenience to visitors but also streamlines the booking process for corporate clients, ensuring a smooth flow during peak times and major events.

EQ's previous standard ticketed system posed challenges in terms of efficiency and user experience.

SKIDATA's advanced parking solution has transformed this aspect, upgrading the entire system to meet modern demands.

The result is a significantly elevated customer experience, ensuring that visitors, whether they're attending a major event or just enjoying the diverse attractions at EQ, have a hassle-free parking experience.

The Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

Facts & Figures

Project Name The Entertainment Quarter Parking Solution
City Sydney
Installation Date September 2023
Solution implemented 9 SKIDATA-equipped lanes, B2C and B2B eCom, Validation with 45 kiosks/validators
Realization / Special Features Integration with SKIDATA's advanced parking solution, including features like Mobile Pay, NFC eTicket, and Analyze Premium

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