Mobile Flow Solution at KitzSki

KitzSki’s approach is centered around increasing customer benefit.
Their key focus is on promoting developments that are recognizable from the outset. It’s all about fulfilling customer requests, recognizing and implementing them in a timely manner. With SKIDATA following the same principles, the two companies have been maintaining a long-standing, trusting and successful cooperation for many years.

Project Overview 

179 kilometers of slopes, 55 cable cars and lifts
KitzSki is one of only three “Ikon Pass” member destinations in Europe. Ikon Pass offers access to 47 exclusive mountain destinations in the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
Contactless access via smartphone
SKIDATA is fully integrated with Bergbahn Kitzbühel. It starts with access to the car park and continues through the ticket office to the turnstile gates. 
KitzSki also have around 100 hotel partners which use the OPOS system to sell tickets on KitzSki’s behalf. 
Another key factor is the web shop. The trend towards online sales is on the rise. KitzSki appreciate the fact that their web shop is saving them staff resources at the ticketing window. 
Last but not least, the integration includes ticket and vending machines which are used throughout the entire KitzSki ski area.
Mobile Flow Solution at KitzSki
Mobile Flow Solution at KitzSki
Smartphones are set to become the new access key to ski resorts. At KitzSki, this service was kicked off in the winter season of 2020/2021. SKIDATA’s Mobile Flow Solution offers a new, convenient way of contactless access that lets mountain destinations digitalize their ski resort in a future-focused way.  
As for guests’ convenience, the Mobile Flow process is a tried-and-tested solution. Users simply download the Mobile Flow app (for Android and iOS), conveniently purchase their mobile ski pass in the KitzSki web shop and activate it in the app. With that, they’re ready to go directly to the lift with their ski pass on their smartphone – no need to take it out of their jacket, because ticket control works contactlessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
By integrating the Mobile Flow Solution into an existing destination or pool app, mountain destinations can let guests benefit from additional information and services directly on their smartphone. For lift operators this opens a whole new way to interact with their users. At the same time it provides them with valuable customer data. They learn about their guests’ preferences, so they can make targeted offers, from special tickets to extra services or restaurant discounts. This way, the SKIDATA Mobile Flow Solution opens up great additional opportunities for marketing and revenue management. 
Mobile Flow Solution at KitzSki

Of course we were already familiar with SKIDATA’s extensive expertise. And they demonstrated it again when they integrated the Mobile Flow Solution into our access system. We are pleased and proud that we were able to develop this project together, and the success proves us right yet again.

Anton Bodner, CEO, KitzSki

Facts & Figures

Project Name Mobile Flow Solution for KitzSki
City Kitzbühel, Austria
Installation Date Original system installation: 1990s, Mobile Flow Solution: 2020
Capacity 55 gondolas and lifts
Requirement All-in-one management system including parking, ski lift access and gastronomy support
Solution implemented Mobile flow solution, OPOS system
Realization / Special Features App-based connectivity for ticketless parking, pay by app, contactless access

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