El Colorado Ski Resort

El Colorado Ski Resort

Convenient access and shortened waiting periods for customers by digital booking of ski passes
The El Colorado skiing area in the Andes is situated close to the town of Santiago and is one of the best loved ski resorts in Chile – and the oldest in South America. It reaches 3,333 meters above sea level and has an altitude range of 903 meters. El Colorado ski resort was seeking a professional access management system to provide guests and the facility operator with added value.

Project Overview 

Web shop for pre-booking ski passes over the Internet
Electronic online entry permit
Online payment by credit card, ATM card or CMR card
During the first phase of the project, El Colorado introduced access controls primarily at the ski lifts, which provide access to the mountain station. This is where the access readers were installed. Ski passes were available from existing POS or via the Internet. The option of booking ski passes online is extremely interesting for El Colorado from a financial point of view. This preferred and easy sales method, which was realized through SKIDATA’s partner Webdreams, also increases customer loyalty. Each access to the ski lift is checked and monitored. This enables local validation and report each entry to the servers in the control center.
El Colorado Ski Resort
El Colorado Ski Resort
In the second phase of implementation, the access area was equipped with additional turnstiles so that even more ski lifts could be included in the validation and management throughout the ski resort.
Thanks to SKIDATA’s strategic management system, it is possible to not only improve management of the lifts, but also to improve the convenient entry with much shorter waiting periods for customers. What is more, this type of system offers numerous alternative options and rates, which can be adapted to the needs of various types of skiers.
El Colorado Ski Resort

Today we have up to 6,000 visitors in one peak day during our main season, and that of course is a huge challenge. It would be basically impossible to do without the SKIDATA solutions.

Peter Leatherbee, Gerente General – El Colorado

Facts & Figures

Project Name El Colorado Ski Resort
City El Colorado, Chile
Installation Date 2013/2014
Size 120 slopes, 26 lifts – up to 3300 m elevation
Requirements Convenient digital booking of ski passes; revenue management, quick entry for skiers
Solution implemented People access system, digital booking system
Realization / Special Features Combination of online ski passes with other services

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