B+B Parking

B+B Parking – Shaping the future of mobility today

B+B Parkhaus GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the planning, financing and management of parking garages. The company's philosophy is based on the highest quality standards and innovative solutions in parking management.

SKIDATA's digital solutions provide B+B Parking with new opportunities to offer their customers smart products that make parking easier. This allows for increased value creation and the ability to offer customers an additional range of services.

Project Overview 

Ticketless parking
Integrated e-mobility solution
Central management of all parking garages
Now it's getting really smart! Thanks to modern technology, parking has become easier than ever before. Upon entering, the parking ticket is linked to the license plate, and upon exit, the system recognizes the license plate and automatically opens the barrier, provided that the parking fee has been paid. No need to insert tickets into parking columns, making parking more convenient. Charging an electric vehicle is also a breeze: Simply enter the license plate at the electric charging station, and the charging process will begin.
B+B Parking – Shaping the future of mobility today
B+B Parking – Shaping the future of mobility today
Electric mobility: With the constantly growing market of electromobility, it was crucial for B+B Parking to be able to offer a fully integrated e-mobility solution. With the e-charging stations from SKIDATA, there is no need for apps or subscriptions. Instead, customers can simply pay the charging fee along with their parking fee. Payment can be made either at the ticket machine, including entering the license plate, or through the convenience of using a smartphone. Simply scan the ticket, make the payment, and you're done. sweb Mobile Pay offers another digital option that provides a high level of customer convenience.
Digital solutions for more efficiency in parking management. Thanks to digital solutions, B+B Parking can manage its parking garages efficiently and offer high-quality customer service. Several parking garages can be managed centrally with sweb.Control.  This enables B+B Parking to respond to inquiries flexibly and quickly. Furthermore, they can keep track of all revenue data using the analytics tool, allowing them to proactively manage all parking garages. And the web-based compensation solution provides a win-win situation where everyone benefits:  Customers pay lower parking fees, retailers gain a powerful customer retention tool, and operators have minimal effort as the compensations are digitally managed.
B+B Parking – Shaping the future of mobility today

Our longstanding partner SKIDATA has supported us for over two decades in implementing innovative solutions. With the digital system enhancements, we aim to offer our customers ticketless parking and, in the future, barrier-free entry and exit, all to inspire them towards unlimited mobility.

Michael Heiermann, Head of IT, Technology and Control Center, B+B Parking

Facts & Figures

Project Name B+B Parking
City Germany-wide
Installation Date Since 2002
Number of Installations 13 parking garages in Germany
Requirements Central management of all parks
Solution implemented Latest systems including eCharge

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