Westfield Century City

Westfield Century City

Westfield Century City - Smart Parking for a 1.3 million-square-foot shopping center
Los Angeles has a car culture. Parking is the most important thing at any shopping mall. It is important to make sure that everything is always running properly and that businesses have the most convenient parking experience for their customers.

Project Overview 

Space for 5,000 vehicles, car park is using a variety of parking technologies
20 million annual visitors, most convenient parking experience is very important
Ticketless entry and payment using the Westfield-App

Westfield Century City, a 1.3 million-square-foot shopping center, has selected SKIDATA as the provider for its vehicle access management system. 
They are using the innovations of smart parking and reserved parking to make it more convenient for shoppers to get to the center. 

Westfield Century City
Westfield Century City
The integration of their online service was an important part for the mall operators. With SKIDATA as a Partner, they put together a program where the visitors can utilize the Westfield App. They create accounts and use the included smart parking solution. Using the app, the visitors enter and exit the car park without ever pulling a ticket. Cameras will recognize the license plate. The system bills the credit card directly and sends a receipt.

With this project, SKIDATA demonstrated how they support every organization to successfully implement a variety of parking technologies to provide an even better and more convenient customer experience.

Westfield Century City

SKIDATA absolutely exceeded expectations when it comes to our turnover and service level. The execution was flawless. We are really pleased with the performance of SKIDATA during this project.

Louis Schillace, Senior General Manager

Facts & Figures

Project Name Westfield Century City
City Los Angeles, CA, USA
Installation Date 2017
Requirement Parking and access management, cashless payment
Solution implemented Smart parking solution, access with the license plate, no ticket needed, pay per credit card, included in the shopping center’s own app
Realization / Special Features Connection to the Westfield- App

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