Swords Pavilion

Swords Pavilion Shopping Centre

A future-proof car access system in the Swords Pavilion Shopping Centre
The Pavilions Shopping Centre situated in Swords, Ireland, just 7 km from Dublin city center is equipped with over 90 stores and 11 screen cinemas on more than 500,000 square feet, over 2,000 parking spaces, and boasts an annual football of over 12 million customers a year. It is ranked among the top five shopping centers in the country. As the customer journey starts at the car park it was crucial for the shopping center to partner with an access system provider that offers a smart and designer-quality parking systems.

Project Overview 

Swords Pavilion offers not only shopping but also events, special offers and movies in their own theater
2,000 parking spaces are managed across three different car parks
90 shops, restaurants and cafes and 11 movie screens
The Swords Pavilion, in the heart of Dublin, required an access system for their car parks that is future proof. SKIDATA, in turn, provides smart systems and additionally supports the shopping center with further commercialization.
Swords Pavilion Shopping Centre
Swords Pavilion Shopping Centre
The skiosk Smart installation gives Swords Pavilions the opportunity to monitor and control their car park. It helps for better customer satisfaction and for monitoring the customer journey. Swords Pavilions appreciates the delicate process of planning and installing the system with SKIDATA and how well their requirements were satisfied.
In a short period, SKIDATA was able to install a system into their car park that fits the functionality of movement. Swords Pavilion can easily focus on their business goals, providing customers everything they need under one roof, including fashion, lifestyle, electronics and more.
Swords Pavilion Shopping Centre

Part of the reason why we choose SKIDATA was really about the opportunity to future proof our system. When you look at the opportunity that we have with SKIDATA system to commercialize it.

Ian Hunter, Centre Director

Facts & Figures

Project Name Pavilion Swords Shopping Centre
City Dublin
Installation Date January 2019
Capacity / Parking slots / Size 500,00 sq. Feet, 2,00 parking spaces, 12 million customers/year
Requirement State-of-the-art and future-proof access system for better commercialization
Solution implemented Parking.Logic
Realization / Special Features Complete replacement of existing systems

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