Johan Cruijf ArenA

Johan Cruijf ArenA

Premium parking for fans and visitors
The Johan Cruijff ArenA (Engl.: Johan Cruyff Arena) is the largest soccer stadium in the Netherlands, with 55,865 seats. Underneath this architectural masterpiece are 2,400 parking spaces, giving fans and visitors the unique opportunity to park literally inside the stadium. 

Project Overview 

Integrated License plate recognition for optimized traffic flows and the best parking experience
Event parking reservations and season ticket sales during office hours
Parking convenience meets mobility: Dynamic P+R location in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam
The challenge at a soccer stadium during peak times is to optimize the flow of cars in and around the parking garage, avoid traffic congestion, and ensure a welcoming reception for fans and visitors. This is achieved through clear signage and smart parking guidance in and around the stadium, which minimizes search traffic. An advanced license plate recognition system on-site makes parking efficient and provides visitors with a welcoming arrival and departure. Once at the parking destination, the chain of clear signage continues from the car to the correct spot in the stadium. This results in an optimal experience and a fantastic visitor experience.
Johan Cruijf ArenA
Johan Cruijf ArenA
Smart, cashless payments are the centerpiece of an effortless and fast visitor experience, especially with large groups. By focusing on seamless transactions, efficiency, and ease of use, we provide a smooth payment experience. These cashless payments will continue to evolve, focused on further simplifying the payment process and adapting to users' individual preferences. The smoother the flow, the better.
The stadium functions not only as an event venue but also as a smart Park & Ride (P+R) location in Amsterdam. Visitors can then park their car outside the city center and travel to the center via public transportation at a discount. This innovative concept is designed to reduce city congestion and promote sustainable mobility. Thanks to an intelligent network, the parking garage is excluded as a P+R location during events, ensuring an optimized flow of visitors to the stadium.
Johan Cruijf ArenA

This is truly the nicest parking garage where I like to park. For me, parking in the Johan Cruijf ArenA feels like coming home.

J. Burger from Wormerveer

Facts & Figures

Project name Johan Cruijf ArenA
City Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Installation date 2018
Capacity / Seating 55,865
Capacity / Parking spaces 2.400
Implemented solutions License plate parking, quick and easy cashless payment, VIP Parking, and P+R parking
Realization / Special features Branding of the parking equipment in the colors of the stadium

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