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SKIDATA Partners

SKIDATA Solutions support open and flexible connections to partner products. A successful collaboration with our partners helps to provide our clients the best solutions and takes into consideration regional aspects.

Payment partners

Partner Description
CCV Payment Partner
Payment Express Payment Partner

Partner products

Partner Description Partner Status
Deister Electronic UHF long range reader
TagMaster UHF long range reader
Kathrein RFID UHF long range reader
Grafos Steel Keyboards

Certified tickets

Certified tickets are identifiable by the SKIDATA Quality Logo.

Current list of qualified ticket producers

Ticket producer Head office Producer code TK 450,
TK Unlimited
TKC 450,
TKC Unlimited
Fleischhauer Datenträger GmbH
Germany 12 rtc-certificte rtc-certificte
IFB Ticket Systems, Industrias Botella
Spain 16 rtc-certificte
Blumberg GmbH & Co KG
Germany 29 rtc-certificte
NNA Ticket Ltd
Canada 05 rtc-certificte
BSL-Ticketprint AG
Switzerland 03 rtc-certificte
Nagels Druck GmbH
Germany 05 rtc-certificte rtc-certificte
ColleaguesNagels Pty Ltd
Australia 20 rtc-certificte
SIVA Group
UAE 21 rtc-certificte
Mecstar s.r.l
Italy 07 rtc-certificte rtc-certificte
Arti Grafiche Julia S.p.A.
Italy 06 rtc-certificte
Australia 14 rtc-certificte
Pirrone & Co. S.p.A.
Italy 04 rtc-certificte
Stock Keeper
USA 24 rtc-certificte

Suppliers are sorted by certification date.

SKIDATA recommends that you use only certified parking tickets from qualified ticket producers. These suppliers produce tickets according SKIDATA's quality standards. Continual quality control ensures a uniformly high quality standard.

The functionality of SKIDATA applications is independent of the quality of the parking tickets used. SKIDATA is not responsible for damages caused by use of parking tickets that does not meet SKIDATA specifications and such damages are not covered by the SKIDATA warranty.