No barriers, no queuing at the pay station and full flexibility in payment options - customers pay either immediately upon departure or conveniently from home.

  • Absolute convenience: Your customers drive in and out without any barriers and pay their parking fees at once online with their mobile device or from home.
  • Absolute valuable data: Registered customers provide you with valuable data to make your business even more profitable.
  • Absolute flexibility: Your parking system equipped with cameras and online payment solutions is upgradeable at any time - according to your needs.

Utmost convenience for your customers

  • Upgrade your facility with the mobility concept of the future by offering seamless entry and exit points.
  • Drivers enjoy the unrestricted freedom of movement.

Easy integration & full flexibility

  • Any existing assets in your facility can be continued to operate.
  • All options can be easily integrated, as e.g. license plate recognition, online payment solutions or single-space monitoring and special entrance features for nested car park spaces.

Reduced Operational Efforts

  • Barrierless access solutions help you to reduce your operational efforts and to increase your resources for strategic planning and customer support.

Collect Payment Your Way

1. On-site | Pay-by-Plate at the skiosk® vending machine

Your customers pay directly on site by entering the license plate number at the skiosk® payment machine.

A summary of the payment process is displayed and the customer can leave the car park.

2. Online | PayLater

Your customers pay from the comfort of their home within 48* hours after having left the parking: they simply go to your website, enter their license plate number and easily pay by a few clicks.

Integrate a subscription link in your website and in your marketing communication to encourage your short-term parkers to register as recurring parkers.

3. Online | Pay-Per-Use

Your recurring customers will appreciate the ease of registered payment.

The payment is automatically debited after each exit and your customers are informed about the successful payment process (including the amount) by email.