Elevating Fan Experience: Sky Stadium's Advanced Access Tech

Elevating Fan Experience: Sky Stadium's Advanced Access Tech

Fabio Ramos2 minutes reading time

The Wellington Regional Stadium, aka Sky Stadium, has successfully conducted a recent equipment upgrade with SKIDATA’s top notch event access solutions now installed at the iconic venue.


Sky Stadium Elevates Fan Experience with SKIDATA Installation


"We are delighted to announce that the new SKIDATA turnstiles have exceeded our expectations and are poised to revolutionise our operations at the Wellington Regional Stadium," states Hamish Allen, Operations Manager. "This upgrade in our access check points brings unprecedented level of performance, offering a cutting-edge solution that perfectly aligns with our future ticketing strategies."


Enhanced Entry Experience for Fans


The latest SKIDATA access control gates will allow for a much smoother and faster entry to the venue for all ticket types, including mobile tickets through NFC technology, QR-code and more, providing flexibility on the fan-preferred ticket format, and ensuring an excellent fan experience.

Wellington Regional Stadium Trust is part of the event hosting venues of the 2023 Women’s World Cup which is now taking place in Australia and New Zealand.

Hamish Allen acknowledges the long-standing partnership with SKIDATA, emphasizing the exceptional professional services provided by their local team. "We have been fortunate to have SKIDATA's unwavering support throughout the years, and their expertise has been instrumental in successfully executing our upgrade project. Their commitment to excellence and seamless integration has truly impressed our stadium management."




Promising Results: New Turnstiles Surpass Expectations


With the new SKIDATA turnstiles, the Wellington Regional Stadium is well-equipped to cater to evolving industry trends and emerging ticketing technologies.

Hamish Allen concludes, "We have full confidence in SKIDATA's proven system, which ensures a seamless experience for the ticket holders regardless of the ticket format they choose to use. This partnership has not only enhanced our operations but also positioned us for future growth and success."

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