From Allianz Arena to Asia: SKIDATA's Stadium Access Solutions

Unleashing Fandom: A journey through stadiums from Munich to Tokyo and Singapore

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Allianz Arena's home team, Bayern Munich, is on its way to play 2023’s Summer Tour preseason matches in Japan and Singapore. Their enthusiastic fans traveling over 10,000 km to Asia to watch the friendly matches will find very familiar stadium gates in both Japan National Stadium and Singapore National Stadium as they are also using the globally recognisable SKIDATA stadium access solutions they use back home at the iconic Allianz Arena.


Japan National Stadium


Japan National Stadium, one of the largest multi-purpose stadiums in Japan, was completed in 2019 and is equipped with world-class contactless access control and fully supported by SKIDATA’s “Handshake.Logic” enterprise platform.

The stadium has a seating capacity of over 60,000 spectators. To efficiently process frictionless entrance, the stadium counts with SKIDATA’s unique contactless, self-scanning solution checkpoints.


National Stadium Japan post


Singapore National Stadium

Singapore National Stadium, part of Singapore Sports Hub, has been using SKIDATA’s access control management solutions since 2014 and it is fully integrated with their ticketing partners.

The multi-venue precinct requires an always-reliable access control solution for simultaneous multi-venue operations involving different ticketing and accreditation systems.


Singapore National Stadium


SKIDATA delivers the market's fastest access control solution and most durable equipment powered up with our in-house software system, integrating the latest ticketing technologies to create the best fan experience.

Providing a seamless and enjoyable fan experience is crucial for sports events, and SKIDATA's stadium access solutions play a significant role in achieving that goal. With efficient access control, fans can spend less time waiting in lines and more time enjoying the game and other activities.

SKIDATA’s proven access technology and its fan-focused approach will contribute to making memorable experiences during Bayern’s preseason matches in Japan and Singapore. From smooth access for the ticket holders to easy and centralised event access management for the venues.

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