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Parking Space Management

Get moving with your parking space management

Get started and gain momentum: With SKIDATA you can develop your parking facility into a consistent winner with skill and agility. Harness our seamless interplay between hardware, software and web-based services for your success. Barrier gates, parking columns, ticketsPOS and automatic payment machines by SKIDATA provide you with reliable and future-safe technology. It all comes together with parking space management that not only meets your immediate needs but brings your future plans to life.

Perfectly aligned software opens up additional sales channels, taps into new customer circles and adds value to secure customer loyalty. Meanwhile customized services add value for clients without any additional effort and investments from you.

Using SKIDATA tools for reporting and monitoring, you can keep an eye on every aspect of your parking assets anytime, anywhere. Respond quickly, act with foresight and implement decisions with confidence.

SKIDATA Parking Management: for Parking Facility Operators, Airports, Shopping Centers, Cities & Municipalities as well as Hotels & Public Buildings. Let’s move in new directions together!

Your Customers in the Spotlight – The SKIDATA Customer Journey

Your customers want more and more. More comfort, more adventure, more pleasant surprises. SKIDATA sees parking customers in a holistic context. From this perspective, the parking itself is only a part of the overall impression. Services such as online reservations, but also targeted advertising or rewards are also integral parts of a successful parking experience.

Pleasant memories
Enjoy the rewards
Targeted advertising
Register users
Simple booking
On the way with pleasant anticipation
Drive in – and directly to a parking space
Inspiring services
Benefits and bonus points
Relaxed departure

Pleasant memories

Your regular customers should remember you with positive thoughts and associations. Treat your customers to the same good service on the return trip that you did upon their arrival and remind them of you and your good service when they get back home. For example, with special offers or new information about the attractions in your area.

Enjoy the rewards

Pamper and reward loyal guests with gifts and incentives. Exchange bonus points for services that cannot be bought with money, and incur low cost. Here the ideas are limitless – such as a VIP parking space upon the next visit, or that the customer has his car parked for him (i.e. ‘valet’ parking).

Targeted advertising

Draw attention to yourself. Give your future regular customers a good reason to choose your car park on their next visit and on each visit in the future. Stay in touch with your regular customers and use the information gained for targeted marketing activities.

Register users

Encourage your customers to register with name and address – online or on site. Everybody will benefit: your customers enjoy exclusive information, special advantages, and earn bonus points. You receive valid customer data and the valuable opportunity to stay in contact with your guests.

Simple booking

Make it easy for customers to reserve any desired service in advance, from home or on the way: from the parking lot to charging stations to individual extras. Your visitors will be happy knowing they have confirmed services and exclusive treatment. And you can realize revenue sooner and get valuable information about what customers really want.

On the way with pleasant anticipation

Give your customers a warm welcome and the comfortable feeling of knowing that everything is well prepared right upon their arrival. Provide new arrivals, for example, with helpful information sent directly to their GPS or via an informative SMS.

Drive in – and directly to a parking space

Score points right from the beginning with comfort and service. Make sure that your new customers enjoy a pleasant entry and reach their parking space easily. Make sure that booked extras are ready and waiting for them.

Inspiring services

Whatever your customers have planned, later they should remember that your car park was the ideal starting point. Make it easy for them to find their way from the parking space to the desired destinations in the area and back to their car afterwards. Provide extra services such as a charging station or a car wash during the parking.

Benefits and bonus points

Collaborate with other companies. Your guests are sure to enjoy coupons and discounts printed on the parking ticket which can be redeemed while shopping or visiting a restaurant. This also helps them to make the connection between your car park and having an exciting, eventful day. In addition, you and your partners benefit from an increase in revenue. Motivate your customers with recognition for using certain services by awarding bonus points for online reservations or the use of the charging station, for example. Points which can be later converted into individual benefits and experiences.

Relaxed departure

Make it easy for your customers to pay for parking and extras by offering an understandable and easy-to-use payment system and a variety of payment methods. And direct visitors quickly and directly back to their car. With automated information above the parking space used, clear signage, and understandable guidance you can ensure a safe departure. With the SKIDATA solution, you have an effective car park management system which directs your guests quickly and safely, but is hardly noticeable to them.

Barriers & Columns

Perfectly controlled car access. The parking barrier gate and ticket column – an unbeatable team.

Points of Sale & Validation

Service and individual advice at the cash desk – these Point of Sale (POS) terminals give you full control.

Automated Payment Machines

Pay on foot stations. 24/7 service with intelligent payment machines.


A ticket for any purpose - from vending machines, the Internet and smartphones. Barcode or RFID.

Reservations & Booking

Reserve your parking lot online. Buy parking tickets from home or on the move from your smartphone.

Operating & Monitoring

Monitoring of parking systems and barriers and automated response make parking management easier.

Reports & Statistics

Strategic planning of parking management made easy – thorough analyses and clear reporting.

Business Models & Partners

Efficient parking facility and vehicle access management. Use our expertise for the critical advantage.

SKIDATA Expert Services

Your car parking facility in best hands. With our efficient parking space management services.

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