WIPARK Parking Garages Vienna

Parking management system and public transport integration for the leading Austrian garage operator
WIPARK Garages GmbH is one of the leading garage operators in Austria. In total, WIPARK owns and manages 60 parking garages in Vienna. In August 2014, WIPARK awarded to SKIDATA the contract to equip four parking garages (Vienna Main Railway Station, B02, Manner car park and Geriatric Center underground car park) with cutting edge technology. SKIDATA took over the complete project management and delivered the parking solution, together with the entire infrastructure, within a short time.

Project Overview 

Booking of parking slots in advance
Electrical switch cabinets and UPS systems
Service for the next 10 years – automatically installed updates to the latest software version
Using QR barcode readers, a variety of voucher or payment solutions can be read, processed, and offered to visitors. And even more: Visitors can book their parking in advance and enter the garages using the corresponding QR code. A special convenience is offered to visitors by integrating in the Vienna mobility card. Annual public transport cardholders can conveniently use their card to enter the car parks and, additionally, are granted a discount on the parking fee.
WIPARK Parking Garages Vienna
WIPARK Parking Garages Vienna
In addition to the SKIDATA hardware components, the entire network technology, including electrical switch cabinets and UPS systems, were delivered to the garages. Furthermore, the entire intercom including emergency call stations, as well as the ability to transfer operation of the systems to a master control center were part of the solution. As exclusive partner, SKIDATA was responsible for the installation, integration and operational start-up of all systems.
To guarantee optimal maintenance of all four systems, WIPARK is taking advantage of the benefits of SKIDATA’s expert services for the next 10 years, with an option for 15 years. Updates to the latest software version are automatically installed, which ensures that WIPARK systems are always using state-of-the-art technology.
WIPARK Parking Garages Vienna

Facts & Figures

Project Name WIPARK Garagen GmbH
City Vienna, Austria
Installation Date September / October 2014
Capacity 1,500 parking spaces
Requirement Parking system with cutting edge technology for four parking garages, service for 10 years keeping the system always running and up-to-date
Solution implemented Complete parking management system including pre-booking, payment, integration in Vienna mobility card
Realization / Special Features Installation of QR barcode readers in all products for the processing of reservations, vouchers and payment solutions, p&r function, expert services with intercom and automatically installed software updates

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