Where every ticket leads to an unforgettable experience

SKIDATA's "Sports & Entertainment" domain delivers a seamless, integrated experience for outdoor enthusiasts and fans alike, merging adventure with digital innovation.

By focusing on flexible online ticket purchasing, quick and secure access, and enhanced in-venue services, we ensure every moment is about the excitement, not the wait.

Whether scaling mountains or cheering in stadiums, our solutions prioritize convenience, from smartphone integration to varied payment options, crafting unforgettable experiences with every visit.


Seamless Access and Digital Ticketing

With SKIDATA, your customers' journey into excitement starts before they even arrive. Our digital ticketing and seamless access mean they spend less time waiting and more time enjoying. Whether it’s the rush of a live game or the serenity of mountain vistas, entry is as effortless as a tap on a phone. This isn't just about skipping lines; it's about elevating your visitors' entire experience from the very first moment.


Beyond the Ticket

Our commitment extends far beyond getting guests through the gate. With SKIDATA, all adventures are enhanced with convenient parking & EV-charging, easy in-venue navigation, and personalized services right from their device. Imagine a day where every part of their visit, from parking to experiencing, is tailored to individual preferences, making every outing unforgettable.


Flexible Payments, Uncomplicated Fun

The last thing you want to worry about is how visitors pay for their adventure. SKIDATA removes that hassle, offering a range of payment methods that cater to your visitors' convenience. This flexibility means more time enjoying a chosen activity, and less time dealing with payment barriers. It's about making sure that nothing stands in the way of having fun.

山岳観光地 やスタジアム&アリーナでのテーラーメイド体験

Elevate Your Adventure

SKIDATA elevates the outdoor experience with technology that smooths out every part of your guests' adventure. Imagine getting to the lifts quickly with our advanced ski pass technology. Now, think about no-fuss solutions like activity sales and locker rentals, all designed for the outdoor enthusiast.

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Capturing the Live Event Energy

In the vibrant world of stadiums and arenas, SKIDATA captures the essence of live events. Fast-entry with NFC eTicketing, streamlined pre-event checks, and a network of over 180 ticketing partners ensure that the energy starts the moment your visitors decide to participate, making every event unforgettable.

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SKIDATA Connect elevates visitor experiences across sports & entertainment



SKIDATA's all-in-one proposition helps you connect effortlessly with your guests, partners, and infrastructure, unlocking numerous possibilities.

By integrating with 180 stadium ticketing partners and best-of-breed technology providers for mountain destinations, you can multiply your use cases and discover new revenue streams.

Offering connected solutions means a user-friendly experience for your visitors: from NFC eTickets in their Apple or Google wallets to seamless access with their smartphone ski passes and mobile payment options.

Where you might have once sold tickets, now you have a reliable tool for revenue validation, control, protection, and planning.

SKIDATA Connect offers continuous enhancements for optimal future services based on the experience of a vast customer base that includes some of the world's largest arenas and most popular mountain resorts.

SKIDATA Connect is modular and scalable, safeguarding your investment as it evolves with your needs, not just now but going forward.



Anton Bodner, CEO KitzSki