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SKIDATA’s access control for car parks based on digital solutions: a camera registers the car by its license plate, no barrier needed. Less hardware, more comfort for the visitor and less stop and go at the parking entrance. This solution even reduces traffic jams and driving in circles around car parks in crowded cities. The barrierless solution is also ticketless: no need to stop to pull a ticket, no lost tickets, no ticket waste.



With EV-charging, all car park operators will have the opportunity to grow their revenues – and protect the environment, by offering additional services like EV-charging: for residents, guests or visitors.


Reducing the number of polluting transport movements of parkers in the city

SKIDATA supplements smart parking approaches with digital parking solutions. Digitalization and seamless use of parking navigation, car park access via license plate recognition and digital payment improves traffic flow on streets, eliminates paper waste and reduces CO2 emissions.



We go for “More digital for less waste”: Reducing ticket waste by sustainable digital access saves tons of paper and plastic waste from access identifiers. Ticketless entry and license plate recognition for car access can already fully replace paper tickets in the parking segment.

By using a 100 % digital ski pass, guests purchase their ski ticket conveniently via the destination’s web shop, turning their smartphone into a data carrier – it’s good-bye to paper and plastic waste.


SKIDATA cards and tickets

Ticketless options do not work for every customer and therefore it is beneficial that our Consumable Products department is our CSR pioneer at SKIDATA as it has started its journey toward a more sustainable ticket production during the last years already. The ticket segment at SKIDATA is still an important factor in the SKIDATA business with more than 60 million sold tickets per year and a rising trend due to increasing sales in mountain business. Consequently, the following sustainability initiatives in the ticketing segment are relevant.
Starting from 1st of April 2023, EVERY SKIDATA ticket is delivered – from us as first and currently only supplier - ClimatePartner certified!


The following reduction measures have been or will be implemented in the near future:

  • Circular economy approach for ticket production by recycling of single-crate material and minimizing waste.
  • More sustainable packaging with change from white to brown cardboard boxes.
  • The completely plastics free keycard pure is a best case example for the possibility to create high-class tickets which consists nearly completely of a renewable material – namely wood and paper.
  • We have set steps to replace PVC with recycled PVC for our enitre keycard portfolio and keytix rigid portfolio which will reduce the carbon emissions by approx. 20% by 2024.

SKIDATA hardware products

Hardware designed for a long lifetime

SKIDATA hardware products offer compact and long-lasting design. They are designed to last for 15+ years. The long product life cycle results in less material to be produced and used. At the end of the life cycle of the products, a manual is at hand to assess how to dis-assemble and how to recycle pieces, as legally required.

Generally, all hardware products are designed and built with a focus on low energy consumption and support of power saving modes which will be implemented in our new products as well as selected existing products.


Eco-friendly features supporting low power consumption of SKIDATA hardware products:

  • Optional lighting for automated payment / ticket machines (APM) or gates is equipped with the latest LED lighting.
  • SKIDATA parking management system supports Windows power save mode.
  • Use of fan-free premium power supplies (pulse) with very high efficiency.
  • Power to the gate motors is switched off completely when the barrier boom is in its end position.
  • Column display and attached reader can be switched off and then activated only when a vehicle is on the presence detection loop (display lighting, coder, long-range reader), dimming feature is used.
  • Use of microcontrollers and embedded CPUs in the units with low power consumption.
  • Heating and fans are only needed outdoors; temperature thresholds can be set individually.
  • Individual parking space monitoring: helping reduce traffi c searching for parking in the garage.
  • Thermal print head for tickets has a very long lifetime, resulting in limited costs and less service business.


Pre-assembling of products by the Staging department at SKDIATA supports higher efficiency and helps individual components to be handled with care. Moreover, SKIDATA staff reduces travelling caused by several delivery or support visits at the customer’s site. That’s why sustainable production is one of the focuses of SKIDATA.

 SKIDATA maintenance

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Remote maintenance for car parks

With introducing digital software delivery in 2022, SKIDATA’s customers benefit from more convenience and less eff ortfor the operation of their car parks. For the customer, there is no need to call the service technician for installing updates on site. For SKIDATA’s service technicians, travelling to the customer’s site could be significantly reduced.

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Maintenance cycles

SKIDATA’s strategy focuses on a Hardware design that enables easy repairs providing an extensive spare parts catalogue. Based on the Installed Base, we know which materials are necessary for repair and maintenance. Thus, we save car traffic as technicians do not have to fetch material again for repairs on site. Spare parts are available for up to seven years to support the long product lifecycle of SKIDATA hardware.

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To avoid unnecessary use of paper, our product and segment documentation is nearly completely digital. Manuals for refitting of existing hardware products do not exist in printed form anymore, they are switched to a QR download. The same is valid for recycling instructions which can be downloaded from SKIDATA’s Digital Asset Management System ADAM.

recycling recycling


Recycling instructions are available. Also, SKIDATA fulfill RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances) standards.

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