responsibility along our supply chain



To reduce transport distances for products, parts and components, the majority of SKIDATA’s production partners is located in proximity to SKIDATA Headquarters at Grödig / Salzburg, Austria, EU.

Typically, system components are pre-assembled at SKIDATA Headquarters and delivered directly to the customer. This reduces traveling and logistics.

Consumables like tickets are sourced locally from partners nearby the warehouse at SKIDATA headquarters when possible. This avoids long-range imports.



All components, products and also tickets need packaging for shipping. That’s why SKIDATA took action to change to sustainable packaging since 2018 with the first focus on our ticket portfolio.

For tickets, like keytix and keycard, we have changed from white to brown cardboard boxes and elimintated color labelling. All packages received from suppliers are stored in our warehouse at SKIDATA’s headquarters and are used for outgoing shipment of components or products.

Further measures to reduce packaging at one of our most important hardware suppliers are under permanent review.

Also, the CSR initiative drives a switch to sustainable packaging alternatives for selected existing products and minimizes packaging with new products.



Fair and respectful partnerships at eye level with our suppliers as well as clear rules in dealing with our business partners are particularly important to us to guarantee and promote the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the protection of human health and safety at work, throughout their supply chain.

Respecting this condition implies having sound knowledge of subcontractors’ working conditions. It may be substantiated with actions to accompany local communities in areas where raw materials are extracted and produced to be committed to ensuring gender equality, promoting diversity at work and equal opportunity and combating any form of discrimination and corruption.

We strive for sourcing accompanying products, components and software which contribute to making SKIDATA solutions more sustainable and future-proof.

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