Forward-looking visitor management systems

  • 轻松应对大客流
  • 可以支持诸如足球赛事、音乐会等多类型活动
  • 出现产品故障时,由于模块化的设计,您可以迅速修复或者替换故障模块,恢复使用。
  • 使用 Handshake.Logic, 您可以针对某一特定的访客进行分析和获取相应数据统计
  • 开放的数据接口,SKIDATA可以方便您与您的收银系统、CRM客户管理系统、ERP、Venue Purse等第三方系统实现集成
  • 支持整个场馆内的无现金支付
  • 多销售渠道支持: 可以通过分销渠道实现票务预售
  • 最先进的RFID票卡和手机电子票之外,还有支持来访者自行打印票卡的Print@Home技术
  • 来访者跟踪:可以轻松地实现对来访者的跟踪定位,例如某一区域的上座率等数据的监控。
  • SKIDATA解决方案包含客流管理系统和停车场管理系统






The Banc of California Stadium, USA


  • It thrills its visitors with its capacity of 22,000 seats and the latest in stadium technology.
  • LAFC’s intention was to focus on the customer journey starting from the point where visitors enter the stadium until they leave it.

Otkritie Arena (Spartak Moscow Stadium), Russia


  • Parking management for more than 3,000 vehicles and busses
  • People access solution for the stadium with 42,000 seats, 46,000 for the soccer event in 2018

"START" Stadium, Russia


  • A modern, convenient and reliable access control system
  • Integration of the ticketing partner TicketLand

VadFest 2015 (India)


  • For the first time, SKIDATA installed turnstiles and servers in a container and used them for an event
  • The container's doors were made so that they could serve as entry and exit ramps for passage of visitors at the venue

Miami Dolphins (USA)


  • SKIDATA Loyalty Platform
  • Club members can collect points for certain actions which can then be exchanged for various services.

Seattle Sounders FC (USA)


  • SKIDATA Loyalty Platform
  • The program aims to reward an already loyal fans base, strengthen their relationship with the club and help add value to their experience as a Season Ticket Member

Lokomotiv-Stadium (Russia)


  • Access and parking management
  • Access control system in both arenas based on Handshake.Logic
  • Parking system based on Parking.Logic
  • Parking area for visitors & employees and as P&R opportunity
  • Parking system can be completely integrated into the access control system of the stadiums

Moskau City Racing (Russia)


  • Fully portable solution
  • Turnkey solution for a 2 days event
  • Vario.Gate + Turnstile.Gate on mobile palletts

Westpac Stadium (New Zealand)


  • 40x Vario.Gate (incl. RFID)
  • 39x SKIDATA turnstiles, 1x swingdoor
  • State-of-the-art access control management system for multiple events 
  • Designed for extreme conditions

Nürburgring (Germany)


  • 12 entry gate
  • 150 entry points
  • SKIDATA provides fast access to the parking facilities in addition to seamless access to the attractions
  • Bank and credit cards can also be used for parking.

Philadelphia Union Stadium (USA)


  • 88 entry points
  • Loyalty/Membership solution based on Microsoft Dynamics with Layers for Integration to: Handshake, Paciolan Ticketing System, Loyalty Membership Layer, CRM Database and eComms mailing Campaign Manager

Józef - Piłsudski (Poland)


  • 34 entry points
  • 2 VIP systems
  • Fan identification Integoo
  • SKIDATA is system integrator
  • 15,114 seats

AFG Arena (Switzerland)


  • 29 entry points
  • 1,200 parking spaces
  • Solutions for parking and stadium access
  • RFID tickets for long-term parkers
  • Ticket pre-sales via web shop (Print@home tickets)


Estadio da Luz (Portugal)


  • 208 entry points
  • Integration of a new ticketing partner
  • Customer-specific access areas
  • Specially-designed VIP entrances
  • World premiere of 'Ticketing over pay TV'

St. Jakob Park (Switzerland)


  • 40 entry points
  • Ticketing via data systems
  • 42,500 seats
  • Entire project managed by SKIDATA

Imtech Arena (Germany)

  • 83 entry points
  • Fast access (approx. 1,000 persons per hour)
  • Open interface concept for SKIDATA solution
  • 33,000 season ticket holders with entry authorization on RFID data media

Estadio do Dragao (Portugal)


  • 124 entry points
  • Barcode tickets, RFID
  • 52,000 seats
  • Handshake.Logic system

Fritz Walter Stadion (Germany)


  • 65 entry points
  • Ticketing by GOB
  • SKIDATA initial installation 1999
  • Handshake.Logic system

Lerkendalarena Trondheim (Norway)


  • 41 entry points
  • Ticket sales via extensive distribution network
  • Loyalty system per keycard with magnetic strip
  • Handshake software

Mercedes Benz Arena (Germany)

  • 103 entry points
  • Open SKIDATA solution interface concept
  • 33,000 season ticket holders with entry authorization on RFID data media
  • Maximum operator security using a fail-safe system structure

Volkswagen Arena (Germany)


  • 33 entry points
  • Ticketing by GOB
  • Handshake management solution by SKIDATA

Al-Ahli Stadium Dubai (UAE)


  • 31 entry points
  • Flexible.Cash ticketing
  • VIP RFID tickets
  • Multiple entries bookable on one ticket
  • Gates are equipped with escape mechanisms
  • Entire project managed by SKIDATA

Wankdorf-Arena (Switzerland)


  • Football stadium "Stade de Suisse" and shopping center at a single venue
  • 32,000 seats
  • Combined parking solution for stadium visitors
  • VIP zone exclusively for VIP cardholders