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  • ストレスフリーで快適な駐車
  • 予約プラットフォーム等のeコマース活用による収益の最大化
  • 乗客挙動のレポートと分析に基づいた、ターゲットを絞ったマーケティング
  • 最高ランクの信頼性による効率的で低コストな運営
  • 空港システムとの連携が簡単
  • ロイヤルティカード等の空港別の幅広いデータ記憶媒体の利用
  • マイレージサービスとの連携
  • 空港ショッピングエリアでの購買報償ソリューション
  • 駐車場の防犯や電気自動車の充電等の追加サービス





Salzburg Airport, Austria


  • Online reservation for parking spaces
  • Parking guidance and license plate recognition system
  • Handicapped-accessible cash machines
  • 10-year maintenance contract

Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco (Uruguay)


  • Cameras und video cameras
  • Electronic toll readers
  • Automatic connection to the tax revenue authority DGI
  • Handling of various types of frequent user profiles (subscribers)

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (India)


  • 11 entrances and 10 exits allow each parking customer a smooth and comfortable access to a parking space
  • 1,600 parking spaces for cars as well as 200 parking spaces for bikes

Verona Airport (Italy)


  • Online reservation services sweb.Reserve B2C and sweb.Reserve B2B 
  • Customers can easily book parking spaces
  • Option to register and reuse information for fast reservations
  • Sale of free parking spaces via resident businesses, travel companies or other middlemen

Madrid-Barajas (Spain)


  • Independent monitoring of the 4 parking areas
  • Long-term ticket management
  • Reservation system
  • Integration of the hands-free system TagMaster

Abu Dhabi (UAE)


  • Integration of individual parking space monitoring and license plate detection
  • Centralized monitoring and VoIP intercom
  • Automated pay machines using bill recycling
  • Integration of AMV credit card solutions

Amsterdam Schiphol (Netherlands)


  • 25,000 parking spaces
  • Acceptance of “Previum” cards for VIP customers
  • Online reservation of parking spaces
  • License plate recording for increased security and abuse prevention
  • Entrance and exit with credit card possible

Vienna - Schwechat (Austria)


  • More than 22,000 parking spaces
  • Central control station with the integration of parking system, audio and video
  • Integration of customer and employee passes
  • Flexibly integrable validation solutions
  • Accepts a number of different data carriers

Munich (Germany)


  • 34,000 parking spaces / 66 parking grounds
  • Online reservation of parking spaces 
  • Multilevel cab system
  • Integration of additional services such as security packages, XXL parking
  • Single parking space surveillance
  • Efficient management using a central control and administration system for all car parks

Hong Kong (China)


  • Leading state-of-the-art airport
  • The "Airport City" houses among other things a business park, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and shopping centers
  • SKIDATA solution for professional parking management

Zurich (Switzerland)


  • 15,000 parking spaces
  • Complete integration of the parking system into the central IT infrastructure
  • Management of visitor terraces using the SKIDATA People Access System
  • License plate detection upon entry improves security in parking facilities