What Does Sustainability Mean for SKIDATA?

Consistent new thinking about and reconsideration of sustainability – both in social, environmental and economic regard – shape the core of SKIDATA’s philosophy. Until today, we have felt obliged to adhere to this motto. For almost 40 years, SKIDATA and its access systems have been providing convenience and success for its customer. Short waiting times, intuitive operation and a long life cycle distinguish SKIDATA’s solutions.

Our environment

We use, whenever possible, ecofriendly and resource saving materials. Thus, we have been offering recyclable RFID-tickets for 20 years, keep our transport routes very short, realize modern traffic concepts with our parking space solutions, and support ecological sustainable mobility.

Our products

All along, our creations stand for the highest quality, have been successfully in operation for decades and guarantee an optimal product life cycle. Repair and maintenance easiness are an integral component of our product understanding.

Our surroundings

Responsible Management requires the engagement of all our 1,350 employees, in the headquarters in Salzburg as well as in our other branches. The corporate culture is characterized by a climate of openness and appreciation.
Many stakeholders partake in the quality of our products, in our revenue and in our economic success that we as a company generate: customers, employees, partners, suppliers, owners, the community as well as banks. In order to realize our visions and value propositions, we rely on a close collaboration with our whole environment.

Energy efficiency

Energyefficient Life Cycle Management for SKIDATA in Production, Logistics and Service.
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