SKIDATA’s workplace vaccination campaign begins

Employees at SKIDATA HQ in Grödig can now get vaccinated at work

Workplace vaccinations against COVID-19 started on May 20 in Austria, and 180 businesses registered for the program in Salzburg alone. SKIDATA is also taking part by offering our staff the opportunity to receive a voluntary vaccination, and our vaccination campaign is off to a smooth start: More than 220 employees have already registered.

We are proud of the SKIDATA team in Austria, and of everyone doing their part in the pandemic by participating in the vaccination rollout. While many of our colleagues in the field were invited to earlier stages of the vaccination campaign, our employees in Austria have been able to receive a COVID vaccine at work since May 20. Within a short period of time and on short notice, our COVID-19 coordination team and Dr. Thomas Danninger, our company physician, have ensured that more than 220 employees received on-site vaccinations as to guarantee that SKIDATA locations in Austria are as safe as they can be.

High levels of interest amongst our colleagues

Through the vaccination campaign, our Austrian team at SKIDATA is contributing to the overarching goal of “herd immunity”: We’re currently aiming for around 65–70% of the population to be protected against COVID-19. When offering voluntary vaccinations to the workforce, we take into account age and other risk factors, and those responsible for carrying out the vaccinations ensure that the vaccines are administered quickly and effectively. We appreciate all of our colleagues who have participated so far, as it helps us guarantee a high degree of safety in the workplace for our employees by protecting them, as well as their loved ones at home.