Clear lines, cool look: The four new SKIDATA outfits

Since the end of September 2020, SKIDATA employees have been able to order new, globally-standardized SKIDATA work clothes from the new online store.

Whether in the USA, Ireland, Russia, Chile, Dubai, or Austria—SKIDATA employees around the world will soon be seen in new outfits. The current collection offers high-quality textiles for four branches: Service, trade fairs, sales, and everyday office life. SKIDATA has a global presence with 27 subsidiaries and numerous partners in more than 100 countries. As such, the workwear must vary from region to region accordingly.

It’s for this reason that localized teams had previously ordered their own textiles. This came with its own disadvantages, however, as Selina from the marketing department at SKIDATA HQ explains. She is in charge of the new workwear project. “The starting point was the desire for a wider range of products, a uniform appearance, shorter delivery times, and the opportunity to shop online,” explains Selina.

Better Quality

With this collection, the goal was to improve each and every piece. Selina asked teams in each country about their experiences and their wishes, and she found room for improvement, especially in the winter clothing. In warmer countries, it became apparent that the color black was suboptimal for service technicians, and the textiles used for previous shirts was not always breathable enough. Eliminating the need to stockpile workwear was another area for improvement.

With this in mind, SKIDATA abandoned the concept of custom-made products for which minimum-order quotas needed to be met. A new partner with a wide range of products made this possible. “We selected the outfits that best fit SKIDATA from the existing range,” says Selina. “The main advantage is that the manufacturer produces on-demand and doesn’t require a minimum order.” The SKIDATA logo is now prefabricated and printed with each order.

New Look

The new outfits for service, trade fairs, sales, and office wear can be put together from different parts from each branch. The designs come in the SKIDATA colors of grey, black, yellow, and white with clean lines. A new material has been selected for the polo shirts to prevent sweat even at high temperatures.

Selina already presented the new collection to the leaders in each country, and the feedback was very positive from Australia to Chile while at the SKIDATA HQ, the first fittings have already taken place.

Ordering online

To place orders for the new workwear collection, each SKIDATA employee will receive a login for the online store with the selected products, where they can add matching parts of each outfit into their shopping cart. There is one administrator per country, who is in charge of releasing the order and places the order directly within the planned budget. The HR department is offering a voucher for two polo shirts to each new employee, and each employee can also choose something to order, with the approval of their supervisor. Employees now also have the opportunity to order clothes without the SKIDATA logo for private use.

For more information and a broader overview, a new information page about the new collection with instructions on how to use the online store is now available. The shop went live with new workwear for SKIDATA HQ and SKIDATA Austria at the end of September, and the store will be activated for Europe and then non-E.U. countries. “There are differences in freight costs and customs between countries, so we activated the site in the E.U. first. The other countries will follow at the earliest date,” says Selina.