78,680 kilometers covered: 10 companies run towards a new record for Herzkinder Österreich

363 participants from ten active and socially-engaged companies in Salzburg took part in this year’s Charity Challenge. On September 15, the Charity Challengers brought the record-breaking running event to an end with much success: €16,760 in total went to Herzkinder Österreich.

78,680 kilometers completed: Almost two trips around the globe, or a distance just short of 2,000 marathons. That’s also the total distance covered by the 363 participants in the Charity Challenge 2020. The success of this year’s competition broke all previous records. With employees from Commend, COPA-DATA, SKIDATA, Quehenberger Logistics,, movea marketing, Salzburg Research, Findologic, Digital Elektronic and Stepa Farmkran, the participants were able to nearly double the previous record in the time between June 15 and September 15—the final count stands at an admirable 78,680 km, with €16,760 collected for Herzkinder Österreich. By participating in the charity competition, an impressive and truly remarkable number of people showed how much space they have in their hearts for children with heart disease.

A Strong Team
Those of us @SKIDATA ran, walked, and hiked 19,974 kilometers over the past 93 days. We challenged each other, set our own personal goals, motivated and encouraged one another and united2win. The special thing about this year was that our colleagues abroad also took part in the Charity Challenge. Suzanne and Joe from Australia, Sergey from Russia, Karen and Pawan from the USA and many others found joy in running, walking, and hiking in the fresh air while supporting a great cause at the same time. Team SKIDATA was made up of 107 participants and was by far the largest team, followed by Quehenberger with 77 participants.

It was exciting to the end as participants from different companies raced their rivals. Our competition with Quehenberger was challenging from the first day, but in the end, there were three winners at the Charity Challenge: SKIDATA won the race for the most total kilometers, Quehenberger won the race for the most kilometers covered per participant, and Herzkinder Österreich remains the overall winner of the Charity Challenge 2020.

While the final highlight of the Salzburger Businesnesslauf fell victim to Corona-related protocols, the runaway success remains. Building community and promoting health in the fresh air while helping children in need—what more could you want?

Thanks to all the participants for their commitment to athletic achievements

Herzkinder Österreich supports more than 4000 families of children with heart disease and adolescents with congenital heart defects throughout Austria. Those of us @SKIDATA know that only proactive support can help, and we would like to thank all of our dedicated colleagues who have invested a lot of time and energy in taking this challenge. Without you, these record-breaking results would not have come together!

The Charity Challenge 2020 was a great success, but we have already set our first goal for next year’s edition: We want to run, walk and hike more than 25,000 kilometers in total in 2021.

Will you be at the starting line?