"We consider modern parking spaces a service to our employees."

SKIDATA is the world leader in modern access systems, installing parking lots and multi-storey car parks, SKIDATA attaches particular importance to offering its employees modern parking for cars and bicycles. Which inspired the 2018 parking lot redesign at the Grödig headquarters.

SKIDATA is a successful company which, in recent years, has seen strong growth. This growth resulted in a scarcity of parking spaces at the Grödig headquarters. To provide sufficient parking for all employees, the area was extensively modernised in 2018. "While we were increasing the parking spaces for cars, we completely redesigned the facility creating new bicycle parking and electric charging stations for electric vehicles," says Martin, Director Supply Chain & Facility Management, coordinator of the conversion.

There are now a total of 270 parking spaces for cars, six of which are reserved for electric vehicles with three charging points. There are also 15 parking spaces for scooters and motorcycles, which includes stations for charging electric motorcycles or scooters. "The number of charging stations have been adapted to meet current requirements. We can create additional e-parking spaces as needed, to meet demand, because we manufacture the charging-columns," explains Martin.


Employees also benefit from SKIDATA being an expert in modern parking, manufacturing their own charging stations. Recharging is free for employee e-autos, e-mopeds and e-bikes without complications. "It's very unbureaucratic," explains Martin. "The employee drives their car to the column and then plugs the cars charging cable into the column. The electricity is provided free of charge, so no identification is necessary. This is provided not only as a service to our employees but also as a benefit for everyone travelling emission-free." Currently, two to three of the six charging spaces are unused. Employees driving an e-car can be assured that they’ll be able to recharge it at work. Initially, only two employees drove electrically, but now that usage has doubled. 

Bicycle Parking Space

The previous bicycle parking lots were already a bit outdated, which prompted the creation of new parking space to accommodate a total of 40 bicycles. The main entrance now has publicly accessible covered bike parking space, where bicycles can be stored standing or hanging. Additionally, there is a new lockable bicycle shed accessible with an employee ID card, where bikes are particularly secure. Now, SKDIATA offers numerous charging options for electric bicycles. 

The new parking spaces have led to positive changes, encouraging more employees to forego commuting with cars and instead coming to work by bicycle. "Before the modernization, there were valid concerns from some employees who own higher-end bicycles that the parking was inadequate," reports Martin. Which led some employees to take their bicycles into the building and park them in aisles or hallways. "But we can't allow bicycles to obstruct emergency escape routes," says Martin. "Others preferred to leave their nice bikes at home to safeguard them from theft, damage or bad weather." This is no longer necessary, and the use of bicycles has noticeably increased with the new protected parking areas. "Both accommodations are being used well," observes Martin.

In addition to adequate parking facilities for cars and bicycles, SKIDATA is keen to see good public transport connections and welcomes measures by the Gröding municipality, such as expanding bus connections or offering an employee-fare ticket.

For the past few years, SKIDATA has participated in a province-wide Salzburg initiative called, "Wer radelt gewinnt" ("Cyclists Win") to help protect the climate. The program awards employees when they use their bicycles more frequently.