SKIDATA: With us, there’s always space for expertise

A career at SKIDATA doesn’t have to follow a linear track: The opportunity for further development works successfully and in harmony with a smart system of diverse career paths, so that you can find a way to make the most of your individual potential.

Those who enjoy and seek out work in an exciting corporate environment — and who have the qualifications for their given field — have a good chance at finding a fulfilling career at SKIDATA. The company champions a can-do attitude, and celebrates being open, being solutions-oriented, and being ready to continually develop yourself and your skill set. It doesn’t matter if your strength is in your leadership or your expertise — SKIDATA has career paths for both. What really matters, however, is your own initiative.

Working with your strengths

You can help determine your own trajectory at work. To start, it’s most important to decide where your strengths lie. At SKIDATA, we always try to develop and encourage our employees according to their existing strengths. Our annual appraisal focuses on this development. This conversation covers the strength and goals of each employee, and future career paths and benchmarks are based on what is discussed. Based on your training, experiences, and interests, you can help decide your developmental track. Some employees want to focus on advancing in a specialist career, while others are more interested in moving into a managerial role. A key responsibility of those in management is to recognize the strength of each employee on an individual level and promote them accordingly.

Diverse career paths

Career paths can look very different, and it comes down to your own initiative. To start, you should know where you want to go, and share this with your superiors. At our core at SKIDATA, we want to offer our employees the best support as they follow their own paths. Because of this, we have introduced a number of specialist career paths alongside the classic management track. This means that our employees have the opportunity to pursue expertise in their given area.

We follow a 70:20:10 approach: 70% of an employee’s development comes from challenging work, 20% from feedback, and the final 10% from formal training. That means that we help our employees work towards their goals by trusting them with interesting tasks, projects, and challenges that will help them grow.

In addition to management career paths, we offer specialized tracks for employees working in R&D, Service, Project Management, Sales, and Finance & Administration. Our career paths offer different entry points that take into account experience, expertise, and scope of duties. Each track is designed to be transparent and transferable with the same basic requirements horizontally across each level, with subject-specific benchmarks as well. The requirements for entry at each level are clearly defined and available internally to all employees.

You decide

Our career paths are structured so that the steps to the next level work in harmony with greater responsibilities, a growing skill set, and additional competencies. Simply working at SKIDATA won’t define the course of your progress: Advancing along a career path is important at SKIDATA, as is advancing within a role. We particularly appreciate employees who have found their place and have started contributing to our overall success. Further development isn’t always climbing up the career ladder — in today’s fast-paced world, it’s also important to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date.