„Protect yourself & protect your colleagues”

Gradually, SKIDATA employees are returning to offices around the world. The internal COVID-19 coordination team is organizing safety measures

The Corona pandemic presents us all with many new challenges. For SKIDATA, one of the challenges was managing the entire team working remotely from home office. Now facing the next phase and returning to SKIDATA offices in compliance with local regulatory requirements and based on local best practice examples. Our priority is achieving the highest health and safety standards for our employees as we prepare for their return under the new conditions. The COVID-19 coordination team has been working closely with our company physician. The coordination team includes employees from the divisions, HR, Facility Management and Health Management. Martina developed the concept for the “SKIDATA Health Benefits” and explains which security measures are most important.

Martina, step by step, our first employees are returning from their home offices to their regular workplaces. Can you tell us about the criteria we are adhering to for this transition?

In phase I, only 25 per cent of the employees return to the office, primarily those whose work situation will be easier in-office. Deciding who this applies to is between managers and their employees so that we pay close attention to individual needs. In phase II, all employees – except anyone in the COVID-19 risk group – will return to the office in alternating shifts.

What security measures are being taken during the return to offices?

We created unidirectional pathways for rooms that are accessible to everyone, like the cafeteria. Posters and notices are hung up throughout the building, informing everyone of the relevant hygiene rules. It's essential that we all take care to pay attention to hand hygiene. We also provide protective masks because employees are only allowed to enter public rooms when wearing a protective mask. We also recommend all employees use the disinfectant dispensers we've installed and to respect the distance markings. All the essential information on protective measures is also available via live broadcasts. This information is additionally available via an information page on the intranet, and we have established an e-mail box for general questions, which are then answered promptly by the coordination team.

How will everyday office life change?

Meetings will continue to be primarily digital, and one-to-one meetings will only be held in compliance with protective measures. Our sales and service staff still attend customer meetings mainly digitally, but if it is essential, they are also individually on site. As much as possible, we forego travel. To support compliance with the minimum distance of two metres, we have removed chairs and otherwise adapted the office space. The best protection is to keep employees as informed as possible; that is what we are counting on. We rely on consideration. WE are in the foreground, protect yourself and protect your colleagues is the guiding principle at all SKIDATA locations in times of COVID-19.