“We fulfil individual customer wishes.”

No two customers are alike and SKIDATA is ready for this. The developers on the Team Central Customized Solutions (CCS) ensure our standard products are tailored to meet individual needs. The team head, Stefan, reports inquiries from around the world.

Stefan, how would you describe your team’s purpose?

SKIDATA products can generally be broken into three different categories: parking, events, and mountain. But, our clients are all unique and have different needs. Many unique customer requirements can be fulfilled by configuring, but not all and that’s the role of my team. We satisfy customer wishes, even the most unique. This specialization extends our standard products by providing solutions that couldn’t be configured, but have to be programmed. But, this isn’t product development, we leave that to our colleagues.

How big is your team?

I have twelve employees in Austria and Belgium, software developers, architects and business analysts. Working for subsidiaries around the world, our branches take in the customer’s wishes and then turn to us for solutions. That’s where we get started.

Do you guys travel a lot?

No, even though our solutions are used around the world, we develop them centrally. We work on about 80 to 90 solutions per year, and visiting each site would be too much. It’s only in exceptional cases or very large projects that it might become necessary to be on site. 

What’s your latest project?

We currently have a lot of inquiries from the parking sector, and we’re working on a rather innovative solution to scan parking tickets with the mobile phone and pay directly on the phone via Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay. This means, to pay for parking the customer doesn’t have to go to a machine or install an app, they simply pay via an in-browser web app, which is really user-friendly.

Sounds like this could be a standard solution?

In this case, yes. Outside of Central Europe mobile payment is much more normalized, so we’ve seen high demand for this type of payment option from around the world.

What other kinds of special requests have you fulfilled for customers?

Las Vegas projects present special demands. It’s common that the casinos there have valets who park cars for visitors but also clean the cars while the guests are playing. For a well-known Las Vegas casino, we’ve integrated payment for these two services into one machine. Another exciting project in the USA was in the category of events. VIP lounges in large stadiums often face the problem of unauthorized people entering the lounge for the food during breaks. To respond to this we developed an elegant solution that is discrete in its visual presence while providing extra security for access to every lounge. Our aim for our existing system was to fully integrate the new hardware and services.

Have you ever had any strange requests?

I remember a funny story from Germany, SKIDATA systems were operating some of the large parking lots for trucks along motorways. An operator requested that the parking lot traffic light should indicate green when the lot is full and red when the lot had free spaces. This might sound illogical but was explained by the reservation platform behind the indicators.

And which solution was particularly challenging?

Integration with non-SKIDATA systems is always complex, whether we’re integrating software or additional hardware, like readers to support specific types of Smart Cards. There’s always dependencies that can’t be controlled for as we work with new interfaces. Especially for these more challenging projects, the customer benefit can be huge which really motivates the team.

Have you ever hit a limit on a project?

To be completely honest, I can’t think of anything. And that’s because we prepare thoroughly for every project.  By putting a lot of effort into the preliminary phases we recognize very early whether something is possible or not. And we also make many things possible through the efforts of our excellent team of developers and architects. I consider it my job to ensure they always work on interesting projects.